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Columbine #25C, 35B, 41B, 39C, 26C, 30B, 27C & 38B

October 25, 2014

Columbine, whose scientific name is Aquilegia, which is derived from the Latin word aquila which translates as eagle, is so named because the spurred shape of the plant’s sepals on many of the sixty to seventy species of the flower resemble an eagle’s talons. 283 more words


run for cover

A not-so-literal interpretation of this week’s photo challenge: Cover Art.

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Winter Containers for South Florida

My husband likes to work with his hands, when we moved to South Florida there wasn’t enough room in our house for a workshop so we had one craned it. 433 more words

Treasure Coast Living

Autumn fruit

Today’s guest picture comes from my nomadic friend Bruce who found himself in the Odessa Opera House in Ukraine during a rehearsal earlier this week. 670 more words


planting garlic

fall is as busy a season in the garden as spring! and we’ve yet to have a frost, so its easy to put things off. 233 more words


Contour Drawing--or, 'My Lines, My Lines!"

The Story Behind the Sketch:I recently had my kitty out in the yard on the leash, when I spotted a rather interesting-looking weed growing by the shed. 278 more words