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End of Month View: Still Green and Pleasant

We have had an exceptionally mild autumn in the UK and although temperatures didn’t quite reach the reputed 21ºC here today this mild month has allowed the garden to cling on to its greenery, despite an early loss of colour from the dry summer and  a number of leaves from our share of Gonzalo’s Gusts. 540 more words


My Garden in The Fall, Dahlias and Tomatoes Still Going Strong

This has been a most interesting year weather wise. I am beginning to think we should call tomatoes in my neck of the woods a fall crop. 194 more words


China tour almost sold out

I’ve always been a little intimidated by the idea of going to China.

I still tend to think of the world’s most populated country the way many Westerners do, even today with all that we have learned, as a place of mystery and intrigue and even a little forbidding. 640 more words


People : Tom Stuart-Smith, Garden Designer & Landscape Architect, Much More Than Oudolfs Sidekick ...

Tom Stuart-Smith (born 1960) is an English landscape architect, garden designer and writer. He specialises in making gardens that combine naturalism and modernity.


After working with Hal Moggridge and Elizabeth Banks Tom established his own landscape design business in 1998. 376 more words

Good art is … Habitat and happiness

If I, a (somewhat trained) biologist describe a sparrow as ‘obviously happy’ – fellow (learned) scientists will suck their cheeks in in disgust. Proposing that a ‘lesser’ species is displaying  201 more words

Saturdays In Melbourne

The Geranium

My aimium was to remember their nameium

But, um, I couldn’t come up with geranium.

So left blowing in the breeze,

All I did was strainium my cranium.

A Tiny and Lush Terraced Front Garden in Brittany

Planted on a steep hill dropping sharply from the house to the street, this garden packs in a whole lot of greenery in a truly tiny space! 61 more words