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A tale of record men and the history of the industry

L. Kent Wolgamott interviews Gareth Murphy, author of the recently released Cowboys & Indies book:

In 1927, 104 million records were sold in the United States.

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Game 92 + Minors Rewind: Bartender Can't Mix Up a Win

== But not really a discouraging loss ==

The much-vaunted “bullpen game” ended up not being too much different from most recent Mariners games.  Good pitching gave the M’s a chance to win, and the outcome depended on whether the offense could put runs on the board.  583 more words


Game 84 + Minors Rewind: Run Total is Astronomical

== Iwakuma is back, and the team is looking innnnterrrrresting ==

For two consecutive starts, Hisashi Iwakuma looked like not quite his real self, and the Brooks Baseball charts confirmed that his famed splitter or “shuuto” was not getting quite the usual “bite” or vertical movement.  477 more words


Automated Payment Transaction Tax (APT) - Level the playing field

Tax policy in New Zealand seems to be a perpetual game of fiddle and tweak by the two major parties, with one unintended consequence after another as various forms of income are taxed at different rates (or not at all). 1,198 more words

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Mariners Minors Squalls + Rewind 06/27/14: Traffic Jam

== The freeway on-ramp is running out of room ==

With the promotion of D.J. Peterson, the Mariners have moved pretty much all of their advanced hitting prospects to AA or AAA, and it’s going to be hard to get playing time for everyone. 786 more words


Gareth Morgan's "kicking the can"

Gareth Morgan, economist, philanthropist, activist and entrepreneur doesn’t like the impact that sugar has on our health and suggests taxing sugar rich products, such as soft drinks. 38 more words


Arizona Rookie Mariners Preview

== A lot of international guys in the desert ==

Teens from the international leagues and kids drafted out of high school usually end up in the Arizona Rookie League, and this year is no exception.   554 more words