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Metáforas e Organizações

O mapa, em si, não é a cidade – mas apresenta uma ideia básica de estrutura da cidade. Do mesmo modo, a metáfora é um mapa mental.

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Gareth Morgan

Yogurt Power and Cave's

Last fall a student recommended the documentary I Am to me. Her exact words were something along the lines of, “This is you, this is what you teach, I think you would enjoy this…” Having watched the film a few times, I agree and can see why she made the connections between me and the film that she did. 746 more words

Gareth Morgan, cats, pills and leashes

Gareth Morgan has advocated cat microchips, curfews and only allowing cats outside if the are on leashes. The Dominion Post with Gareth Morgan: Cats need microchips and curfew: 980 more words


Ball gags, berkley hunts and the next guest artists... the wrecking ball is getting closer

What’s happening this week at the ever evolving art chute that is Cultivate? Well one thing we’re almost definitely definite about is the fact that this week is guest change-over week, our two guest wall spaces are vacated by… 939 more words


Law of unexpected consequences on rats

A pest control company, Flick Anticimex, says giant rats could become an increasingly dangerous pest.

Flick’s warning follows a recent study by Dr Jan Zalaswiewicz from the Universty of Leicester, which claims rats may grow to the size of sheep as larger mammals become extinct. 263 more words


The Secret Life of the Cat

So we have had dogs and their secret lives. A few of you mentioned wanting to see what cats are about…here you go.

For one week 50 cats were armed with cameras and GPS systems to show what they actually get up to when they go out their cat doors. 787 more words

New Zealand

Management: motivación de las Relaciones Humanas. «Fíat ars, pereat mundus».

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La creatividad, en las décadas de los 30-40, se comprende en la teoría del arte.

Los planteamientos teóricos que vimos en el post de las… 3,970 more words