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Urban India

I must admit, I’m a fan of lunch time Indian meal deals because you get to try what a restaurant has to offer without paying too much. 633 more words

Adelaide Food

Missing that curry goodness.

So if it wasn’t obvious by my odd name, I’m Indian. Born and raised in America. Sooo…curry. What EACH AND EVERY Indian person alive supposedly smells like, what people in grade school used to dramatically tease about whenever an Indian kid took out his lunch, and what is surprisingly the food digested by so many non-Indians nowadays via Indian restaurants, homes, frozen meals, etc. 239 more words

Pimp my Food!

Tonight’s dinner was pretty simple- I grabbed a jar of shop bought curry paste from the cupboard and a can of coconut milk. We had a large turkey breast in the fridge, so turkey curry it was. 404 more words

Curry Paste

Baked Vegetables in creamy sauce!

Hello dear readers,

Here is the recipe of my all time favorite dish. With its creamy texture and pleasant taste, the dish is able to fetch you compliments of both kids and grown ups. 134 more words

Tried And Tested!!!

Oven Baked Garlic Naan (step by step pictures)!!

Naan (flat bread) one of the famous recipe in North Indian cuisines. By using tandoor oven, it used to cook on very high heat.
For vegan version avoid egg, instead of it add ¼ cup of yogurt. 342 more words

Non - Vegetarians

Garlic Naan

The staff brings you this basket of piping hot bread lined with napkins. One look at it reminds you of the moon’s surface but not ashen looking and not too pockmarked. 63 more words

Authentic Indian Cuisine

Great amazing cuisine: "Indian"

I have always heard of Indian cuisine, the much I knew about it was their naan and chillies. But I actually got a chance to explore a little more of the cuisine and let me just say I might be a little addicted. 235 more words