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I always propose some garlic at any meal unless the guests are shy. One of my favourite ends to a meal is tsukemono (pickled veggies) and rice but I twist it with some garlic. 105 more words

Life Cycles

Max's of Manila


Mabuhay!! If you are craving to try some Filipino dishes and or is a someone from the Philippines who misses native Filipino food this is the place to visit. 117 more words

SpamSiLog and Friendship are Good Things

For the longest time, I have been telling friends about the way I Spam, the meat coated in brown sugar then fried until crisp, the sugar melting into a beautiful sweet glaze whose sweetness perfectly complements the Spam’s oversalted flavor. 470 more words


Garlic Fried Low Carb "Rice"

I never thought I’d be able to enjoy fried rice again, the garlic aroma coming from our kitchen that wakes me up in the morning if we have too many left over rice from dinner. 172 more words

Fake Rice

Garlic and Egg Fried Rice

I love a serving of garlic rice from the local Indian takeaway and as we have a “no more takeaways while we try to save up for that honeymoon we still haven’t taken” I made my own version. 273 more words