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I need a running goal!

Since I don’t really have any specific running goal that I’m working towards, I find that I’m debating with myself about whether I should go for a run. 205 more words

Random Thoughts

Group runs and Garmins

The group runs keep on coming.

A night run last night was great.  I’m continuing my easy-does-it approach, keeping paces down to 10 or slower and focusing on enjoyment and conversation.   440 more words


Birthday run

Yesterday was my birthday but I still needed to get in a few miles, especially knowing we were going out for a nice dinner. The weather was just perfect – 58, sunshine, and a light breeze. 156 more words

Random Thoughts

The obligatory Christmas list post.

ONE MORE WEEK until Christmas Eve, you guys! Can you even believe it? I feel like I blinked back in July and suddenly here we are. 756 more words


The elasticity of a kilometre

Whatever my Garmin FR620 and the satellites it communicates with might say, today’s kilometre repetitions were longer than the 1000 metres they are ostensibly equivalent to.

Thoughtful Running


Did you know that Steve Grimmett did a Garmin commercial? I didn’t before Reinhardt told me.

See the commercial here.