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NaPoWriMo Poem for April 30

With this poem the requirement of a poem per day for National Poetry Writing Month will be fulfilled. Bonus/extra poetry will appear under “NaPoWriMo Poem for April 31,” “NaPoWriMo Poem for April 32,” etc. 350 more words

Spoon Sonata with Crossword Counterpoint

Every night I work I fish out one of the beautifully round-bowled spoons from the silverware tray and take it to the desk. There is something about its shape and its reflectivity that just grabs me. 97 more words

Ballade d'amour: NaPoWriMo for April 29

This is my first try at the Ballade form. Suddenly I fell like a teenager again…

Ballade d’amour

Our connection plays hard to get.
Hands held, we are still two, not one. 177 more words

Perceiv'd Pane: NaPoWriMo for April 28

Peaceful inside; outside, glop
Evanescent crackle/pop
Route that jet to Barcelona
Craft that Lisa: first name Mona
Even fish can get a fin in… 156 more words

beam of shadow: NaPoWriMo for 27 April

beam of shadow

in this myth
a trickster was unseated
from her chair in the council of Hell
and spitefully
she invested the looming
SHADOW of her RAGE… 26 more words

NaPoWriMo Poem for April 26

unsouled merchandise

the plastic form, the plastic grin;
the blurbs beneath the bubble wrap
commit a pleonastic sin:
they don’t seduce, but do entrap.

ideas, feelings, memories; 102 more words

Portrait of Jean Simmons (photo source: Wikipedia)

What a face she had! Unashamed eyebrows, mesmerizing eyes, chin impossibly assertive for being so brief. But it’s what she did with what she had, well into latter life, that goes to show you where her real magic was. 9 more words