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Queen to Geedoodle One

Queen Latifah was being Biographied on the tube. I’d just sketched and eaten cookies. The cookie wrapper begged to be Queened. Then the doodle and the Queened wrapper asked to be paired. 13 more words

Sissy & Bubba, Anti-Terrorists

Yesterday I showed Denise’s grandchildren a drawing in progress of a terrifying bug in extreme closeup. With their coaching I was able to de-terrorize the bug a great deal. 80 more words

glory? hallelujah? lazarus come fourth

Friends, today is the 238th anniversary of the presentation of my country’s Declaration of Independence to the world. I feel compelled to write something for the occasion, so here goes. 328 more words


The Urban Dictionary’s #1 definition of Geek is “The people you pick on in high school and wind up working for as an adult.” The kids I drew on this page are still being picked on, but they know they rock. 122 more words

Picasso was a Jerk

Recently TIME Magazine profiled a retrospective of Jeff Koons. Mr. Koons is a good four months younger than I am, yet he’s seen work of his sold for a cool 58.4 million dollars. 235 more words

boys of summer (for socorro olsen)

A dear and as yet unmet in person friend of mine, Socorro Olsen, created and conducts a poetry group in Facebook. Every Tuesday I contribute a thread called “Title Tuesday.” I offer five titles for fellow poets to hang their poems on. 179 more words