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A Stairwell and a Secret Closet

Eccentric relatives are a plague. Whether it is Uncle Wilbur the Klansman or Friedrich Liechtenstein the ornamental hermit.

I’m only related, tangentially, to one, and not the ornamental hermit, who has adopted the life view that his existence is a form of high art, not low drama. 633 more words

Gary Conkling

A Character of Wit and Tenderness

James Garner. who died over the weekend at age 86, taught a generation of Americans that wit could be a weapon. Later in life, he showed us the power of tenderness. 497 more words

Gary Conkling

A Personal View of Senseless Violence

The sights and sounds of the wreckage of Malaysia Airline Flight 17 were sickening. It is all the more sickening when the wreckage hits close to home. 556 more words

Gary Conkling

An Office Without Walls

A few months ago, I moved out of my corner office and into an office without walls.

I had no interest in becoming a Dilbert cubicle dweller, where you toil in the shadow of padded dividers that don’t provide privacy – or natural light. 719 more words

Gary Conkling

Stress: More Than Just a Feeling

Even though we despise them, we owe a lot to rats. They have served as the sacrificial lambs in labs to find cures for ailments that bedevil humans. 620 more words

Gary Conkling

The Art and Ardor of Weed Whacking

Weed whacking was never an occupation or adventure I coveted. However, an overgrown backyard became the mother of my re-invention.

Weed plucking has been my favored technique to rid the yard of dandelions and other noxious weeds. 555 more words

Gary Conkling

Concert on Your Couch

I would go to a lot more concerts if they occurred on my lap.

That may now be possible as online platforms such as Stageit and Concert Window are bringing musicians into the front rooms of their fans on their laptops. 473 more words

Gary Conkling