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Digital Death Knell

In the movie You’ve Got Mail, the Shop Around the Corner goes belly up in the face of unremitting competition from a Fox super-bookstore down the street. 561 more words

Gary Conkling

Don't Pooh-Pooh Poo-Pourri

Poo-Pourri certainly meets the marketing test of addressing consumer pain points – in this case, the painful feeling of stinking up the bathroom you share with a spouse, coworkers or fellow students. 339 more words

Gary Conkling

I'm Away from the Office, Wink-Wink

Where are you when your office phone says you are away from your desk? No, really?

Are you actually at your desk, but napping?  Are you engrossed in Facebook and Instagram? 432 more words

Gary Conkling

Wine Grapes and Canaries in Coal Mines

We have long admired the red nose of the Scots. Now, thanks to climate change, we may be admiring the nose of the wine they produce. 453 more words

Gary Conkling

Dreams: Home Videos of the Mind

Dreams are like home videos of how you wish life would be. That’s especially true for guys.

Some guys are dreamy, but most guys occupy dreamland. 355 more words

Gary Conkling

The Legend of Mae Yih

Stories of the dimunitiuve,  irrepressible former Senator Mae Yih abound with any long-of-tooth Oregon lobbyist.

The most oft-told story involves a Ways and Means hearing at which Yih was listening intently to a state bureaucrat defend a spending request. 635 more words

Gary Conkling

Corkscrews and Trash Cans

My failure to get published in The New York Times Magazine now has an explanation. I aimed too high.

Last Sunday’s edition featured stories about the history of corkscrews and an ode to a trash can. 381 more words

Gary Conkling