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Changing the World, One Can of Tuna at a Time

Change is the one constant in life. One day you are eating canned tuna; the next you are dining on fresh salmon grilled to perfection on a cedar plank on your backyard deck. 691 more words

Gary Conkling

Vacationing in Slime and Danger

People pay money to tour Newtown Creek, one of the most polluted 3.5 miles in New York City. They glide on canoes on a waterway spoiled by oil spills and sewage and delight in what has become known as anti-tourism. 557 more words

Gary Conkling

Rallying for a Millionaire Boss

Other than for Hillary Clinton. mobs of average wage-earning people don’t typically rally in support of millionaires, let alone their millionaire bosses.

That’s what makes the continuing protest so intriguing by employees and customers who are rooting for the overdog at Market Basket grocery stores in the Northeast. 579 more words

Gary Conkling

Pondering Birthdays

When you are young, you can hardly wait for your birthday, which represents another major milestone – a cake, a special toy, a puppy, a bike with a gear shift, a car. 623 more words

Gary Conkling

A Stairwell and a Secret Closet

Eccentric relatives are a plague. Whether it is Uncle Wilbur the Klansman or Friedrich Liechtenstein the ornamental hermit.

I’m only related, tangentially, to one, and not the ornamental hermit, who has adopted the life view that his existence is a form of high art, not low drama. 633 more words

Gary Conkling

A Character of Wit and Tenderness

James Garner. who died over the weekend at age 86, taught a generation of Americans that wit could be a weapon. Later in life, he showed us the power of tenderness. 497 more words

Gary Conkling

A Personal View of Senseless Violence

The sights and sounds of the wreckage of Malaysia Airline Flight 17 were sickening. It is all the more sickening when the wreckage hits close to home. 556 more words

Gary Conkling