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Playgrounds Where Angels Play

The shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary have produced little progress on background checks or other ways to prevent people with mental illness from possessing guns. But the shootings have shown a collective capacity in America to remember the 26 victims with expressions of life and hope – playgrounds. 515 more words

Gary Conkling

Where There is Will, There is Wit

Wisdom is hard to find and sometimes even harder to recognize. Luckily, we had Will Rogers to point us in the right direction with his love of words and Western wit. 520 more words

Gary Conkling

The Power of Forgiveness

The greatest human strength is the power to forgive, just as the saddest human weakness is the proclivity to hate.

Someone might be forgiven for hating a person who attacked and abused you. 532 more words

Gary Conkling

A Day of Disappointment

Who would have predicted seeing Derek Jeter and French President Francois Hollande in person on the same day. We did.

This coincidence is not reported as a triumph, but rather as a day of disappointment. 459 more words

Gary Conkling

Climate Change Groupies

New York was abuzz with diplomatic traffic jams, unpaid parking tickets and the 1-day promise the world will come to its senses on climate change. 459 more words

Gary Conkling

Empty Nest Contemplations

The last of six children in our blended family is moving out this week to attend college. We will, at last, become empty nesters.

The full weight of the emptiness has not settled in yet. 612 more words

Gary Conkling