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The Disappearance of "John Hancock"

The demise of handwriting is written on the wall. Nowhere is it more obvious than those annoying point-of-sale signatures.

A person’s “John Hancock” singles them out from everyone else. 773 more words

Gary Conkling

Spoiled Fruit of Sloppy Justice

Henry Lee McCollum, 50, and Leon Brown, 46, were set free last week after both spent time on death row for a gruesome 1983 rape and murder of an 11-year-old girl they didn’t commit. 715 more words

Gary Conkling

Once Upon a Time, There Is Car Talk

Car Talk‘s Click and Clack were no strangers to critics, which they took in stride and often agreed with. But few critics were as pungent and pointed as Melissa Wilson of Seattle. 595 more words

Gary Conkling

The Property Brothers

Most people don’t make money by showing couples houses they can’t afford, persuading them to buy a dump, then walking them through the perils of renovation. 647 more words

Gary Conkling

The Naked Truth

Let’s see if I have this right. You agreed to appear on a TV show titled Dating Naked. Now you are suing the show’s producers for showing you on screen dating naked? 558 more words

Gary Conkling

Good News in the Midst of Bad

With so much bad news flooding newspapers, radio and TV, it is nice to have a good-news story to celebrate. The two Americans infected with Ebola in Liberia walked out of an Atlanta hospital with no trace of the often fatal disease in their bloodstreams. 486 more words

Gary Conkling

The Bathroom as Reading Room

It may not be the question for the ages, but what do people read while on the throne? And perhaps a relevant follow-up: Why?

Let me be clear, I’m all business in the bathroom. 420 more words

Gary Conkling