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Creeping into Unfunny Territory

Actor Rob Lowe, it turns out, can be creepy and even creepier, as he proves on a currently running ad for DirecTV that an advocacy wants pulled. 525 more words

Gary Conkling

Slow Motion Hawaiian Disaster

Most natural disasters aren’t accompanied by calm notices that local bus service will be suspended in front a 7-Eleven store or a sign at a chiropractor’s office that says, “We’re staying open.” 553 more words

Gary Conkling

American Women: 'Almost Equal'

The Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution has been introduced in every Congress since 1923, but still hasn’t passed. While equality for women in America may be generally assumed, it isn’t guaranteed like other constitutional rights. 429 more words

Gary Conkling

Being Sent to Water School

Misbehaving people are sent to school to stop drinking and driving or to curb their anger. Now miscreants in California are being carted off to water school. 527 more words

Gary Conkling

More Than Just a Cuban Cigar

Hard for me to admit, but I almost like Mark Cuban.

His boorish behavior as owner of the Dallas Mavericks caused me to lump him into a class of spoiled rich guys. 672 more words

Gary Conkling

Random Reflections #1

Sometimes a bunch of random, weird stuff accumulates in your brain. It’s time to unload some of this stuff.

For example, how do you compete against… 608 more words

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Playgrounds Where Angels Play

The shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary have produced little progress on background checks or other ways to prevent people with mental illness from possessing guns. But the shootings have shown a collective capacity in America to remember the 26 victims with expressions of life and hope – playgrounds. 516 more words

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