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CMBA Forgotten Stars Blogathon: Pure Soul

Ann Harding kills me. No, not literally, of course. That’s just my slangy way of noting her effect. I’m left breathless when I watch her. I feel as if she’s reached deep into me, stirred up my heart and lungs, pulled up my guts, and discombobulated my brain. 2,547 more words


A Farewell to Arms (1932)

It was almost like I was getting withdrawal symptoms. There was a nagging sensation in the back of my head and my hands had taken to shaking uncontrollably. 910 more words

Man in the Attic (1953) Jack Palance Eerie Fest Day 2 of 5

Jack Palance picks up the knife for this low budget version of The Lodger that had last been played by Laird Cregar in the superior 1944 version. 539 more words

Daily Take

Knight Finally Gets Big Show Slot

Hull light middleweight Tom Knight has finally get the chance that he craved, as he has been added to Matchroom’s “Point of No Return” show at the Hull Ice Arena next Saturday. 422 more words

The Adventures of Marco Polo (1938) - reviewed by George

This old film, in black and white, sounds as though it might be a history lesson, but it is an adventure film with a lot of clever dialogue, and a final action sequence featuring hordes of horsemen attacking the palace of Kublai Khan in Peking. 318 more words


Throwback Trailer: For Whom the Bell Tolls (1943)

During the Spanish Civil War, an American allied with the Republicans finds romance during a desperate mission to blow up a strategically important bridge.

Throwback Trailer