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the one who helps you on your journey

We choose to marry the person who will help us along our spiritual journey.

For me, I remember feeling guided to move forward with my husband whenever I questioned if we were not meant to be.  297 more words


The Leech House Mystery

In Agatha Christie’s short story, “The Idol House of Astarte,” she mentions about the evil influence of certain places, infesting people with negative energy.  Leeches, are those who belong to that story.To stay healthy, keep away from people who are inspired by the life philosophy of Leeches. 785 more words

The work I was born to do.

“When you struggle with addiction, you deal directly with the healing of your soul. You deal directly with the matter of your life. This is the work that is required to be done. 297 more words


Preparing My Mind To Greet The Day

Today I woke up with my mind in a tangled mess.  I felt I had so much to think about, so much to plan for…so much to worry about!   393 more words


Sunday Morning Praise Church Of The Week Goes To...Hillside International Truth Center

Today on Sunday Morning Praise, Larry puts the spot light on Hillside International Truth Center Inc. as our Church of the Week. They are celebrating their 43 year anniversary, and have several events that will be taking place this weekend. 184 more words


power, redux.

“that is why every human being who is sexually out of control actually has issues of power in which he or she is out if control with his or her own power… 21 more words



in an effort to gain some clarity on a variety of “life issues”, i’ve started reading gary zukav’s “the seat of the soul”

it’s an extremely insightful book; zukav’s discussion of karma, intention & addiction are especially interesting to me. 30 more words