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Is there more to Ellensburg then gas stations and fast food restaurants?

Destiny has delivered me here. As a former Seattleite,  I am stuck in little Ellensburg for two years and as of a month ago, I knew little about this place.

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What Scares me…

My empty light blinks on. Pulling off the interstate as  my  two-year old daughter sings,  a  gas station is nowhere to be seen.

A rickety metal Sinclair sign  sends me 3 miles down a rutted back road in southern Indiana. 210 more words

Cheatin the Hustle

Months ago I heard about a nifty new strategy for robbers and thieves. They would roll up next to your car at the gas station, and while you’re busy filling up your tank with gas (just ignore this my NJ peeps, everyone else in the states has to pump their own gas) the bad guys will drive up next to the passenger side of your car, and in one swift move jump out, open up your door and boom, snatch your purse right off the seat! 512 more words


Gas Station Company Being Sued Rolls Out Free Air

BALTIMORE (AP) — A Baltimore-based gas station company being sued for charging customers for air said Thursday it has been rolling out free air since April and hopes to have it available at all 16 city stations by year’s end. 309 more words


Wawa slated for north Sarasota

Wawa slated for north Sarasota

Alex Mahadevan via The Observer

Wawa will continue its push into Southwest Florida with yet another convenience store slated for Sarasota County. 193 more words

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The real reason there's no QuikTrip in Oklahoma City

I grew up in Tulsa, which is to say I grew up going to QuikTrip. And I went for anything but a gas. I’d ride my bike to the nearest one for a Gatorade after practice, snack after school. 575 more words


The Road

Road trips. Car trips. Traveling. Those words conjure up a certain set of feelings. At least in The United States they do. Other countries probably share those feelings. 405 more words

Ray Laskowitz