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Imagine Freeways Completely Devoid Of Cars (allday.com)


“Sorry, no gas.” The sign was placed on abandoned cars and posted over the “open” sign on gas stations. It was repeated on TV and the radio. 366 more words

Post Automobile

Shell Gas Stations Turn To Hot Dogs For Financial Comfort As The Price Of Fuel Drops

I’m no stranger to falling into the loving embrace of encased meats, but who knew that gas stations are also seeking comfort from hot dogs these days? 211 more words

Gas Station Owners Aren't Passing Their Savings On To Consumers

You may have noticed prices gradually falling at your neighborhood gas station over the last few months, what you may not know is that the price of oil has been falling even faster than that. 147 more words

Taking It Seriously

Lament of the Gas Station: Why Do We Expect So Little From Our Food? (Part 1)

Think of a place that you associate with bad food, with a plethora of disgusting, old, tasteless crap. It’s a place we all visit out of necessity when traveling and where we often find ourselves buying such food, despite our better judgement. 489 more words


City Council Delays Vote On E15 Gas Station Ordinance

CHICAGO (CBS) – Aldermen have delayed action on a proposed ordinance that would require many gas stations to offer fuel that contains a higher blend of ethanol, in an issue that has Mayor Rahm Emanuel and powerful Ald. 426 more words


Gas Stations: A Haiku

I want to know why
All Gas stations aren’t one way.
They should make a law.



The gas station is the oil companies’ tentacle into the cars and pocketbooks of consumers.  Located at prominent street corners in nearly every neighborhood in the developed world, they proudly carry the flag of Shell, Chevron, BP, and other oil giants into our communities.   401 more words