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Lip of The Day

From gloss to lipstick, these makeup staples may add color to your overall look, and often have nourishing benefits. For today’s pretty pout, I paired a lip pencil and lipstick for a more pronounced look. 56 more words


No Trespassing

So this is why we shouldn’t climb barbed wire fences. Hmm. For an extra creepy look, get gashes of different sizes wired and ready for Halloween! 6 more words


Oh My Gash!

Nothing fancy about these gashes, just simple gore. Dress them up with some extra blood or request a specially made gash with a unique twist! 7 more words


Ticklish ribs?

Not exactly what most people expect when they order ribs!

$7.50 Rib Cage (9 Inch) $9.85 Zipper Rib Cage


Zip me up!

Slipping out of clothes is one thing, but unzipping and stepping out of your skin is another! These 5 Inch Zipper Gashes work well on a face, chest or wherever!

Zipper Gash (5 Inch)


Life Bites...

Pick your poison: Zombie? Vampire? Other?

1pc or 2pc Vampire Bites (Small)

1pc or 2pc Zombie bite marks (Small – 1.5″ diameter)