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Zero Positives (Gash #1)

Zero Positives‘ was the band of my mate Dirk ‘Scum’. He was very much into DIY. Also anti-capitalst, politically radical (anti-specieist e.g.) and not afraid to make confrontational statements; but always eager to explain in writings and on stage. 153 more words


Foetus: Gash

The first studio album of his that I bought. Probably not the best intro. It’s not bad, but it is probably one of his weaker efforts. 55 more words

Silly Glass

So I did this wound yesterday but I actually made the prosthetic piece myself with silicone and a flat bed mould.

I must admit being really ticklish I found it hard applying make-up to my own foot but it was all worth it for the final look, It took a good 2 hours to make it look this good because you just have to use a lot of blending techniques and you need a lot of patience. 23 more words



Lacerated. As if it were open, splayed to exhibit something, to extract something, or maybe simply to allow one to leak in the guts, in the innards of the building. 175 more words