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Mini movie theatre seats now on general release, collectors of tiny chairs rejoice

We all love a good gashapon capsule toy. But whether it’s One Piece characters or doggy bread, getting more than one of the same toy… 429 more words


Majin Cat

Are you familiar with the Dragon Ball Z anime? Do you remember Babidi?

He’s this little rodent looking guy who’s responsible for Majin Buu wrecking havoc on Earth. 49 more words


[WTS] Kamen Rider Swing 13

Want To Sell :  Kamen Rider Swing 13

Kondisi : NEW. MIP. Ori Bandai

Shiroi Mahoutsukai / White Wizard = Rp. 45.000,-

Berminat ?
sms ke 088 2107 82 833 , 9 more words


[WTS] One Piece Swing - One Piece Kings 2

Want To Sell :  One Piece Swing – One Piece Kings 2

Kondisi : NEW. MIP. Ori Bandai

Line Up :

  1. Pell
  2. Nevertari Vivi
  3. Portgas D Ace…
  4. 18 more words

Adorable miniature sewing tools inspire the craftmaker in all of us

I have never thought I’d be gushing over sewing tools, but here I am, 30 minutes into staring at pictures of this new set of… 281 more words


TTK's Gashapon GIVEAWAY!!!

BOX 1:
1. Follow the TTK’s official Blog.
2. Like and share this picture on Facebook.
3. When all steps are complete comment on the Facebook GiveAway… 94 more words


Live Action PGSM Gashapon Set

WARNING! Photo Heavy!
This review was originally posted 09/06/2013 on MFC

Please excuse some of the photos in this review. The entire thing has taken me roughly 3-4 days to put together, and by the end of photo taking and reviewing I kind of got fed up with the repetitiveness. 2,732 more words

Sailor Moon