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Waste To Energy

Here’s a good article on waste to energy with an accompanying video that was created by my colleague at Renewable Energy World, Jennifer Runyon. Quite appropriately, Jennifer emphasizes that this project, which happens to feature methane digestion as a technology to transform some of the chemical energy in municipal solid waste (MSW) to electricity, effectively “kills two birds with one stone,” generating a bit of power in an area that needs it desperately, while disposing of a huge amount of MSW, which is an enormous problem in Lagos, Nigeria, a city of 20 million people. 37 more words


Combustion vs Gasification

  • Gasification route is somewhat more recent and less known. Combustion route is much better known for a long time technically and commercially.

  • Gasification process converts solid fuel into a gaseous fuel through a process of high temperature oxidation-reduction reactions.

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New Page - Living with Tars

Good Afternoon Readers,

As part of my quest to dispel the hype around wood gas I have come to a point where I need to address a four letter word – tars.  21 more words


Presenting at the Common Ground Fair

Good Morning Readers,

I will be giving three one hour gasification presentations at the Common Ground Fair in Unity, Maine on Sep 19-21 from 4:00-5:00P.  Here is the website: 52 more words


Gas Station Performance Data Coming In

Good Morning Readers,

I am starting to get my first data on the Gas Station’s performance on pellets.  So far the numbers look pretty good.  The system consumes 6 in^3/min or .1 l/min feeding a 389cc 6kW generator running at 3600 rpm with no load.  25 more words


$100 Million Gasification Plant in Ward 3 Harbour?

American company Port Fuels and Materials Services, Inc. is seeking to build a $100 million gasification plant on Pier 15 (Sherman Avenue) at Ward 3’s waterfront. 155 more words


Presenting at the Camden Maker's Faire

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I just got my official notification that I am presenting at the Camden, ME Maker’s Faire on 9/6.  Please come out, say “Hi!” and meet the girls.   20 more words