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The Process: More Details About the Gasification Process

As mentioned in an earlier post, gasification is typically done with wet biomass or dry biomass. Usually, dry biomass is thrown into a furnace under ideal conditions and goes through a… 672 more words


Gasification vs. Direct Combustion? Which is better?

The picture above is a new biomass plant in Gainesville, FL that was commissioned in 2013. It burns wood from local sources and produces 100 MW of electricity when running at full capacity. 679 more words


The Confusing Question: What is Gasification?

Technology is moving swiftly in the biomass industry and there are plenty of resources out there that will easily confuse you. If not you, then definitely me. 762 more words


Cheerleader for EP Renewables

Scott Sours is for gasification! Do your homework Scott Sours, this applicant is not reliable and has been turned away from 8 other cities. They have no experience and have falsified information time and time again. 41 more words

Withstanding abrasive crushed coke

The instrumentation and electrical (I&E) shop at a nitrogen fertilizer plant found it necessary to repeatedly replace a 3” ceramic segment valve used in its… 333 more words

Metso Automation

Time to break the mould?

Another burst of encouragement to follow on from the previous post. We need to realise that we can only have a future if we learn to merge with the material cycles that constrain all activity on this planet. 399 more words

Cyclone Price Reductions!!!

Good Morning Readers,

I have been working on a solution to my high welding costs and I finally have an answer.  I found a low overhead shop that does amazing MIG and TIG welding.  81 more words