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The Hat

What is the latest fashion trend for this Fall/Winter (2014-2015)? Hats. Hats of all shapes and sizes. I don’t mind. I love hats. 83 more words


Awakening 3

Codename: GasLight

Real Name: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Height: 6 feet 3-6 inches

Age: Unknown

Known History: GasLight first appeared in 2010, approximately 8 years after the Stillness. 849 more words



Stalked, an arrow hits my side

Is this Cupid’s arrow or a hunter’s pride?

The effects of gaslighting

Quite extreme

As I revoke

My loyalty to the pain

Word of the Day Poem: Gaslight - to manipulate someone by psychological means into questioning their own sanity

Headward Down

Crouching in the marshland
awaiting discovery,
awaiting epiphany.

Here in the stillness
the fog stagnant
the air holding its breath

I close my eyes and open my ears… 18 more words


Awakening 2

Partially stripping and then stealing a hobo’s clothes was not the best thing I’ve ever done. Of course, Milgram’s constant attempts to get me to kill or maim him didn’t help either. 1,083 more words


Live review: The Gaslight Anthem (or 'In defence of Maria and Jersey')

Written by Thomas Gane

The Gaslight Anthem should be playing arenas. I was surprised when they announced the CIA (fuck you sponsors, it’s my city and I’ll call the venues what they should be called); I was worried they wouldn’t sell enough tickets, I was worried they would struggle to get the atmosphere right in such a big room, I was worried because Brian Fallon is an adorable, tattoo covered human and the thought of him being disappointed is horrible. 531 more words


Word for everything!

Wow, it is amazing that we have words to describe anything in this world (and beyond)! I am not exaggerating, really. I am so shocked, that’s all. 137 more words