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Cigars, Strippers and Nautical Rapists: A Farewell to Tampa

Tampa! Oh Tampa! Home of Ybor city, once a nest of Cuban revolutionaries and their cigar factories, now a nest of friendly tattoo artists and high-as-shit teenagers. 444 more words

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In order to survive in the wild, experts say you need a handful of necessities: a clean source of water, food, sometimes a fire (depending on the environment), and a dry place to sleep, and try and keep a relative body temperature. 1,329 more words

Gasparilla Getaway

After a long and difficult winter, we stole a weekend away in Boca Grande, FL. We left 12° weather in Boston and landed in the sunshine of the Gulf Coast. 251 more words

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Rock & Roll All Night

If you were in town 2 weekends ago, it’s a good chance you were at the Gasparilla Music Festival; you… and what seemed like the rest of the Tampa Bay area. 833 more words

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Summer in the City

So it OBVIOUSLY is NOT summer in the city, but we were out and about in Tampa last weekend and it sure felt like it! With our friends and family up north freezing their behinds off, we made it our goal to enjoy the wonderful weather here in Tampa and spent our weekend galavanting outdoors. 794 more words

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Kevin Collmar Athlete at RCC Running

Kevin is someone that along with Jon I have been able to coach/mentor for the last yr. I can’t take much credit because all I do is write the workouts and offer some advice, he has improved his 8k, 10k and 15k time since I began helping Kevin. 169 more words

Gasparilla 15k

Holy cow, was this a reminder that we are most definitely racing in Florida!  All these 50 something degree mornings may have lulled us into a sense of security against our normal weather patterns but the weather gods made sure to remind us at the Gasparilla 15k.  564 more words