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Endemol sets stage for Phantom

The Phantom of the Opera is being adapted for television at Endemol Studios.

The Los Angeles-based producer has partnered with director Jean-Pierre Jeunet and writer Tony Krantz for a “reimagining” of the famous novel, which inspired a musical and several films, as a television drama. 171 more words


My Childhood Inspired Destinations

When I was a little girl, I used to read beyond my reading level. I was immersed in the worlds crafted by classic authors from all over the world. 677 more words


Citeste cartea, nu rezumatul

“misterul camerei gabene rezumat roman”

Nu, nu, nu. Nu asa se face.
Nu citi niciodata un rezumat al vreunei carti politiste sau al vreunui thriller. De obicei, aceste carti nu exceleaza in poezie sau lirism, punctul lor forte e intriga, eventual construirea din detalii a unui caracter. 101 more words


Fall Out Phantom: The Masterpost, Part One

(AKA The Awful Adventures of Ghostbro and Broni Friendzoni)

Hey all!  I haven’t actually finished livetweeting The Phantom of the Opera yet, but since it’s such a long book, I’m going to go ahead and break the tweets up into a few different posts (I don’t know how many just yet).   6,159 more words

Re-reading Phantom - Part 6 (End)

Ugh!!! Every single time when I get to the ending, no matter how ticked off I am at Erik for being a creepy, psychotic stalker/kidnapper who wanted to blow up the opera house with himself and Christine in it, I still can’t help but feel sorry for him!!! 340 more words

Phantom Of The Opera

Re-reading Phantom - Part 5

One thing about Leroux’s novel that I really dislike is how much underdeveloped potential there is with some of the characters and subplots. I know the intent was probably to make the reader use his/her imagination and to add to the mystery of the story, but Leroux creates so many unanswered questions that, at times, I find myself feeling distracted and overwhelmed. 384 more words

Phantom Of The Opera

Re-reading Phantom - Part 4

It’s strange to me that even though Raoul is Leroux’s obvious choice for Christine he repeatedly refers to their relationship in more platonic terms. For instance, in Chapter 12, Leroux says, “They embraced each other like a desperate brother and sister who have been afflicted by a common loss and who have come together to weep for their dead.” And later, “She kissed poor Raoul like a sister, rewarding him with an access of tenderness because he had made a brotherly little fist to defend her against all of life’s possible dangers.” In Chapter 13 we have Christine herself recalling to Raoul how she swore to Erik that “you were nothing more to me than a brother, and that you would never be anything else….” Admittedly, Christine supposedly lied in this regard to avoid losing her connection with the Voice, but one has to wonder if there might not have been some grain of truth involved when Leroux keeps referring to their connection in terms of siblings rather than lovers. 265 more words

Phantom Of The Opera