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Två år

Idag var jag på mitt två års återbesök på Ersta, exakt två år sedan var det på datumet idag.
Jag hade perfekta värden, förutom mitt blodtryck.. 75 more words

Gastric Bypass

Day Fortyfour

Yayyyyyyy Eagles won!!!!! Having a great day today, I am feeling really good about things, I managed to drink enough water today which is a total pain in the ass honeslty. 104 more words


Gastric band surgery

It would appear that the NHS is back on the bandwagon of operating on people to reduce the cost of diabetes treatment in the future. On the news clip I saw today however I had to shout ‘hooray’ at one lady who had been offered the gastric surgery who had turned it down because she acknowledged that the surgery was not going to stop her wanting to eat – that was what she needed to do. 164 more words


Gah, jag är så oändligt trött… Känns som om jag skulle kunna sova hur mycket som helst. Är alldeles matt i kroppen och knoppen.

Maken har precis varit hemma och ätit lunch, jag fick inte i mig något alls men sitter och försöker dricka ett glas mjölk nu. 91 more words

Gastric Bypass

Day Fortytwo

Officially one week post-op and I am down 5lbs since surgery day, I would love to say im thrilled but that would be a lie, I mean its not worst case scenario or anything but I think im just sort of doubting myself, am i doing something wrong etc. 164 more words


Am I that woman in the mirror?

How many other people who have lost a great deal of weight…catch themselves walking by anything that show your reflection stop and back up to look at yourself again.  176 more words

Weight Loss Surgery

What to Expect: Hair Loss

This is something I see a lot of and I see many many bariatric patients worrying about what they’ll do when they lose their hair. There’s a few things about hair growth and loss that you should know before stressing yourself about it. 243 more words

Bariatric Surgery