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A New Start, Same Old Lynnette, A Long Intro

I started to create a wordpress blog and the name photoquilter was taken. I tried my usual password and voila, I created one years ago in a computer class. 611 more words

My new big life starts here.

Although, I haven’t been speaking about this journey to most family members and friends I thought it would be helpful to me to write it out here. 550 more words

Gastric Bypass

Ready To Move Forward Again

I was taking to my husband yesterday and how this year seems like the worst year of my life. I’ve had other horrible years in my past thanks to crippling depression but something about this year just makes it feel so much worse. 272 more words

Bariatric Beginnings

Painfully Honest

If you’re the kind of person who is triggered by someone expressing strong emotions including helplessness and desperation then you may want to skip this post.  1,219 more words

Gastric Bypass

Tonight's the Night...

Unfortunately, not with Rod “the Bod” Stewart.  It is the night for my second try at the sleep study.  Not as good, but I’ll probably get more sleep with the CPAP than I would with Rod.  62 more words

A Quick Update

I must say  that this week has been going better than last. It’s amazing what the addition of protein drinks and soup will do for your spirit and keeping you from feeling like a feather could knock you over. 660 more words

Bariatric Surgery

6 Things I Learned From Having Weight-Loss Surgery

1. Eating cake means things get ugly.

It’s been seven years since I had weight-loss surgery, and sometimes I forget that I ever had it. But every time I experience “dumping syndrome,” I am reminded that there’s a reason the surgeon told me to never eat sugar again. 948 more words