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Relax, Easier Said Than Done

I am feeling better today than I have been, enough to take a 2.25 mile walk but now a few hours later I am exhausted and feel weak again. 459 more words

Bariatric Beginnings

A Trip To The ER

I’m happy to report that my creatinine (tests kidney function) is the lowest it’s been all year and that my hemoglobin it’s the highest its been all year.  293 more words

Bariatric Beginnings

Re-Post: Staying Mentally Healthy After Bariatric Surgery

This is a re-post of one of my blog posts that I feel is very important to re-share. The information is also always available on the side of my page.  424 more words

Bariatric Beginnings

Peanut Butter Banana Protein Ice Cream

1 cup of Light Vanilla Soy Milk

35 grams by weight of Banana (Or Vanilla) Flavored Protein Powder

1 Tbsp.  of Peanut Butter Sugar Free Flavored Syrup… 78 more words

Bariatric Beginnings

Busy Busy

This past week was a whirlwind of activity. There was house hunting, the gym, and work. Thankfully the house hunting is over and we now can move forward with the one we made an offer on. 248 more words

Bariatric Beginnings

Big News!

My year finally seems to be turning around. I have awesome news to share!! Patrick and I will be homeowners come June! We made an offer on a house Friday evening and we just found this afternoon that offer was accepted!!! 49 more words

Bariatric Beginnings

Do Not Compare Yourself To Others

That is the most important piece of advice I can offer to you on this journey! Always remember that!

Bariatric Beginnings