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All grr n shiz

I’ve noticed that since the surgery I seem to have a shorter fuse.  I’ve discussed it with the occupational therapist at work and asked whether it could be because of quitting smoking and he doesn’t seem to think I smoked enough to have such an effect, but said it would most likely be because I am no longer consuming the same amount of calories that I used to.  647 more words

I jogged. I actually jogged.

I rounded the two week mark feeling good.  Every now and then there is still a little tenderness inside my torso, but overall my largest distraction is how much I weight and what I’ve eaten each day. 692 more words

The Dreaded Slimes! Day 4 Post-Op

So last night, I took my medicine and crawled into bed, about ten minutes later I started getting the dreaded slimes I have read about. It was like my mouth kept filling up with saliva and then I knew…I was going to vomit! 140 more words

"We Want Pictures!"

When i first started this blog, my brother kept saying, “where are the photos?” I haven’t wanted to upload any photos without having any progression photos to back them up. 49 more words

To Clean Or Not To Clean....

I seem to be struggling a little today. I can’t quite put my finger on what’s bothering me though. Today is Saturday, my reward day for working so hard during the week. 1,048 more words

Dreaded Candy Bowl

At work we have a candy bowl…. I pass it on my way into work every morning and it is HORRIBLE. The hardest thing to say no to right in my face every morning. 87 more words


Happy Belated One Year Surgiversary

I seriously felt like I was on a roll! Last Thursday, the day of my actual surgiversary, I sprung out of bed, weighed myself and then skipped to my computer to write my post. 673 more words