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Shut. Up.

My four year old has been really sick and on medicines that makes him crazy, lethargic, hyper, happy, sad, and hungry.

It’s also messing with his sleep patterns. 47 more words

7 Week Update

Has it really been 7 weeks already? Wow! I am noticing huge changes in myself, and I am definitely getting more attention from people that didn’t notice me before. 435 more words

The Day I Came Up With a Brilliant Idea

Ongoing to open a restaurant.
The entire menu will consist of pieces of food. Like – literally – pieces.
You can order anything you want – like one scoop of refried beans! 56 more words

It's OFFICIAL . . . I broke it!!!

Not only did I break the 200 mark, but went two beyond . . . 198 . . . this is after breakfast, coffee, water, AND fully dressed . 11 more words

Weight Loss


Holy CRAP it’s cold.
I never thought about the fact that losing 100+ pounds would mean that my insulation factor would be depleted as well. I used to run out of the house in mid-winter and maybe grab a sweatshirt if I remembered. 143 more words

By this time next week....

…I will be in recovery from my Gastric Sleeve surgery! I am so ready.

So Friday night I wanted to say goodbye to pizza. So I had a few slices with supper. 322 more words

8 weeks post sleeve

I am now 23 kgs lighter than I was 2 months ago. I think the last 20kgs are going to be tougher.
This past weekend I had what I believed to be serious dehydration issues, headaches, nausea and constipation. 82 more words