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Our friends from Sense Asia have worked hard for the past 9 months to present the best teas sourced only from local Vietnamese farmers.

“We have carefully chosen the best teas from local tea farms of Vietnam and turn All Country in One Box with our Premium Tea Collection with 32 varieties of tea.

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Gastronomic Delights

Food Trip: Ole!

When in Saigon, you should definitely try out authentic Vietnamese cuisine but… I have to admit, Saigon is also a gastronomic center of international dishes. And a week ago, Katrina introduced me to Ole! 131 more words


7 Drinks You Should Try in Vietnam

By guest blogger, David Demartin

When visiting Vietnam one of the things that you should never miss is their simple but delectable drinks. The country is famous worldwide for their cuisine so it is not surprising that they also offer must-try drinks. 1,038 more words


Food Trip: Toilet Kingdom

We were browsing through the Word magazine when we saw an article about the Toilet Kingdom. Intrigued by the feature as well as a similar restaurant in Japan we’ve seen on TV, we decided to try out the Toilet Kingdom here in the city. 267 more words


Food Trip: Ichiban Sushi

A week ago, I’ve heard about Ichiban Sushi over a going away dinner for a dear friend, Shirley at the Thao Dien Village. I will miss… 259 more words


Food Trip: Loriekot's Lutong Bahay

I am not sure from whom did I hear about Loriekot’s Lutong Bahay — but it must be from Facebook. And the more baffling fact was I only visited the place on it’s first year anniversary! 482 more words


The BekShop

My first batch of Cassava cake from July Dellupac of The Bekshop was mouthwatering! It takes me back to days when my family would go for long drives to our hometown in Quezon Province in the Philippines. 52 more words

Ho Chi Minh City