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City Gates

Every once in awhile, you come across an organization that you just click with. The City Gates Initiative is just that. And so, I can’t tell you how stoked I was to film this piece, let alone the tons more we have coming in the hopper. 26 more words


Entrance to Petit Palais

In this photo you can see the golden metal gate which gives access to the Petit Palais, the gates being intricate as well as the nearby incredible architecture and stone work around. 14 more words

Microsoft's Apple Investment: The Worst Deal of Them All?

Whether you’re holding an old-school 4, a tooty-fruity 5c, a Shanghai-edition gold 5s, or a Calle Ocho-jailbreak especial, it’s easy to forget how many stars had to align for any iPhone to happen at all. 278 more words


“Faith is our method and His resurrection power is our fuel…” a line from the letter that I sent to Jerry, today.

We walk by faith and His power is what enables us… 421 more words

Close Up - 15/52

Starting to fall behind a bit with the 52… I really dont know where the time goes, but its not helped with my daughter borrowing my stuff so she can do her exam prep (I hope its all worth it though) 25 more words


One City's Holy Grail

The Gates facility in Denver has been a landmark of urban decay since 1991. The factory was built and grew from 1918 all the way through the 1950s by the Gates corporation. 73 more words


The Gates

Sun was starting to set and it caught this gate making it practically glow. A very surreal urban sight.