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Wednesday morning buffet

Dig in if you want some.

  • “I came in with champ. I’m leaving with Him. Simple as that.”
  • Kentucky, if you’ll recall, used a good bit of diamond formation against Georgia. 
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Georgia Football

A full-throated defense of Agent Muschamp

Shorter Kurt Roper:  Boom did not handcuff the Gators’ struggling offense.  At least, other than hiring a series of inept offensive coordinators, he didn’t.

Gators, Gators...

Damn it, Agent Muschamp. You had one job.

After watching Florida’s epic collapse in the waning moments of yesterday’s less-than-epic meteor game with South Carolina, I’m not sure which I find more unbelievable – that the Gators lost, or that Georgia somehow managed to find a way to lose to both teams this season. 53 more words

Gators, Gators...

The game sucked, but the unis were cool.

Every time I see a picture from the Georgia-Florida game, I keep forgetting to post something about how terrific the red and blue jerseys looked together out there. 57 more words

Georgia Football

"The more you know about these teams, the less sense this result makes."

Bill Connelly says all you need to say about the Georgia-Florida result in his advanced box score analysis here.  And his last sentence wouldn’t come as a surprise to me, either. 9 more words

Georgia Football