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Thursday morning buffet

Grab a plate, folks.

Georgia Football

Salty, bitter Gator tears are salty, bitter and delicious.

By Gawd, if this article doesn’t brighten your Dawgly soul today, you are beyond hope.  This, in particular, is priceless:

“I don’t let small things affect me anymore,” Harrison said.

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Gators, Gators...

Stop, Gators.

If you think a ratty orange wife beater and a pair of jorts is a good looking outfit, you’re likely to find this pretty sharp. 26 more words

Gators, Gators...

Tuesday morning buffet

Go get a plate and dig in.

Georgia Football

Friday morning buffet

Pre-G-Day snack time…

  • Jordan Jenkins hopes he and Leonard Floyd are going to have big seasons.
  • You thinking about John Theus blocking Vic Beasley yet?  …
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Georgia Football

"Is this Florida?"

Give Andy Staples credit.  He is that rare bird – a Florida grad who acknowledges that life began before 1990.

… Thanks to a toxic combination of personnel, scheme and injuries, the Gators simply couldn’t move the football, and that failure contributed mightily to Florida’s first losing season since 1979.

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Gators, Gators...

Name that caption, knowledge is good edition

This is from Florida’s offensive line coach.

Now I know where Corrine Brown got her command of the English language from.

Go Gata! Sheesh.

Dominate that bad boy in the comments. 34 more words

Gators, Gators...