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I hate to keep beating a dead Gator.

It’s just that I’m starting to hear some of the same “why Florida will be good this year” talk that I questioned before the start of last season.  397 more words

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Will Muschamp, for the people

Interesting exchange between LSU and Florida beat writer brought something to mind I hadn’t thought of before.  Start with this observation:

On paper, the move to Roper’s scheme seems to be a no-brainer, raising the question of why Muschamp did not do it until now.

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Gator haterz

Shelley Meyer is tired of those mean message board people.

“Well, what I learned was that Florida fans, there’s a lot of them and people want to brag on their team,” she told the website.

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Jesse Palmer's preseason homerism

“National analyst” Jesse Palmer has this to say about Florida’s 2014 chances:  “If Florida can stay healthy, then I think the sky is the limit.”

That’s mighty deep.

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A special year in orange and blue

According to Alligator Armyeven if Florida has a bad season, it’s still good, because “Florida will be able to cut Muschamp loose without that move being cutting off its nose to spite its face” 31 more words

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Do tha 'do.

Damn, son.

Sheriron Jones all in with the #Gators http://t.co/g1lHYAdEvP
Luke Stampini (@LukeStampini) July 10, 2014

Looks more like a dragon than a gator, though.

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