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I’m realizing now that if I want to keep doing review like discussion posts about books and movies I probably shouldn’t spoil the whole story. So, I’m going to try talk about the movie Gattaca which I recommend you guys watching because it was interesting. 485 more words

Before Midnight, Sunset, Sunrise (Ethan Hawke)

Ethan Hawke had it all in the nineties. He was an upcoming star after his breakthrough role in Dead Poets Society. He wrote a well-received novel… 499 more words


That time when I was genetically discriminatory

Last night Adman got cut after about a month of dating. I can’t really explain it because it wasn’t logical, but I just wasn’t feeling it. 592 more words


El futuro visto desde 1997

Ayer vi Gattaca y sentí la gran necesidad de escribir acerca de ella.

(El siguiente post no contiene spoilers)

Cuando quiero ver una película con temas futuristas tengo en cuenta que va a estar llena de clichés de autos voladores, atuendos plateados y peinados extravagantes, afortunadamente esta película no cayó en ninguno de ellos. 252 more words

Uma Thurman

10 Films That Expire From Netflix Tonight. Watch One.

Before they disappear for an undetermined length of time, of the 80+ films expiring tonight from Netflix streaming, I’ve picked 10 gems you should watch. 280 more words


Pickpocket was very moving. Michel Salle and Marika Green both so beautiful

Pickpocket was very moving. Michel Salle and Marika Green both so beautiful. When he is in prison, he tells her “I don’t want anything. Or anyone.” But then as she gets up to go: “Stay!” Then when she doesn’t come back to see him, he receives a letter from her out of the blue to say the baby has been ill, and she will come soon. 95 more words