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There is a defeat of trust these days,

    Secrets spill and secrets kill,

Over time unravel those that can’t contain them,

    Defective containers that leak lethal things, 151 more words


My Creative Aid.

Hi. I’m Rick.  I’m an alcoholic.  Functioning, in my own head, as a positive influence on society.  That may seem like a load of shit, coming from someone addicted to staring down the bottom of a bottle, but the things I do when I’m like that are…fantastic.  902 more words



This ink, black ink,

     Pours from inside, covers a page,

Never satisfied,

     Continually spilling, too much to say,

Endless possibility,

     This viscous liquid provides,

Alternative routes to bleed my roots, 106 more words



Idiots everywhere, nitwitted dimwits,

     Driving me crazy, these arrogant illiterates,

Like and um the essence of vocabulary,

     Intelligence becoming a drying up tributary,

Save me from such dull conversation, 65 more words


Pencilcase Penitentiary

Classrooms classrooms, all I’ve ever seen,

       Teachers preaching their own gospels, each their own regime,

But where learning is learnt, and teaching taught,

       All this education seems for naught, 127 more words




Finite happiness is a thing of the past,

     No longer will I be drug down or held fast,

I’ll claw and drag myself from the earth, 95 more words


I won't go back.

        People are always anxious to blurt out how they’re so grateful for where they came from and who they are because of it.  They talk about their lives and struggling to make ends meet and eventually conquering said adversity.  2,227 more words