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"She walks(ed) in beauty,"

Her breathing was perfect.  It was its own melody as her chest rose and fall in sync with time itself.  I didn’t stir for fear of waking her.   500 more words


Perfect Monotony.

She invigorates my volatility and all my sensibilities,

Her humor haunts my afternoons, in all its hilarity,

My only vulnerability comes from her being mine, 53 more words


The Only Time I See You.

When I close my eyes, they remain half open,

In the cold of night, my dreams become broken,

Faceless faces pass through such strange places, 156 more words


Some Lie Awake.

In the wake of dreams, such demons sing,

A terminal turmoil shredding evidence of sane things,

We play host to hostility with regret wrought from the past, 74 more words


A Writer's Dilemma.

Words are extraordinary,

To be able to construct movement and feeling from thin air,

Letters traced in one’s head, a puzzle forming a story,

Beautiful harmonies and sad melodies, 150 more words


Life's Greatest Lesson

The simple harmonics of life whisper truths of mankind,

We blindly see and deaf ears hear, but never realize,

Our hearts just deter from logic’s voice, 84 more words


Will to Fight.

Ears ringing, dazed and drifting,

Cold floor on your face, life inflicting,

Beaten, berated, hope since has faded,

No one cares, this is war waging, 77 more words