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The Things We Make

 Hate wroughts hate,

    Pity the same way,

But pain is measured in pain,

    Hate in hate,

Those who hate themselves,

    Get lost in the same fate, 87 more words


Liquid Memory

A drink in time intertwines in my mind,

    Forgiving, forgetting, one drink at a time,

Pacing it pleases and sanctifies,

   As liquid coats memory, this dark world will shine, 47 more words


A Visit From Death

 Skin withered and bright eyes turned dull,

     Senses diminished, full flesh now skeletal,

My time was closing but regret I did not,

     For my deeds were my own, everything I wrought, 224 more words


Insomnia Cure

My cold hand shakes,

    I thirst deep down,

Something harder, faster, stronger,

    A drink to forget, to incapacitate,

A silent plea for something easier,

    Any alternative offers strife and pain, 67 more words


A Soldier's March.

A soldier marches to the beat of a drum,

    A sacred brotherhood, a future alum,

In the heat of battle he fears the firefight,

     Strength returns wrought in the form of brothers in sight, 73 more words


Wally's World.

            Oliver Twist doesn’t have a thing on Wally Weathers.  Nobody could pick a pocket quite like him.  He was intelligent, bold, and dashing enough to not draw shady looks from unsuspecting people.  2,360 more words


Hear My Voice.

There’s millions and billions,

    Then there’s me,

A speck of dirt, a drop of water,

    Surrounded by countless entities,

Everyone’s different, Everyone’s unique,

    How do I stand out, just me, 66 more words