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Elite is back! A guide for the uninitiated...

A version of this first appeared over at the Gollancz Blog.

I was delighted to hear that classic game ELITE was making a comeback this year, and even more delighted when I learned that Gollancz would be publishing a trio of tie-in novels. 442 more words


Esse Quam Videri: What Is a Perfect Whisky and Why Must We Give It a Score?

There is probably no such thing as a perfect whisky ā€“ or is that only true if our standards are unrealistically high? If a single malt Iā€™m drinking has no noteworthy faults, no glaring lacunae, no salient aspect I can imagine improved or wish were better ā€“ if it has captivated and delighted my senses ā€“ why not declare it perfect? 1,252 more words