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I was a Gay Best Friend

If pop culture taught me anything as a blossoming gay teen, it was that I had two choices in high school: remain in the closet until college or assume the position of the gay best friend. 735 more words



When I was a child I was like many other children my age. I was hopeful. But I was different. When other kids were wishing for superheros and magic I was staying awake for hours at night wishing I could wake up as someone else. 241 more words

#ThatAwkwardMoment when you get your big break, then leave the country

Dreams do come true. In case you missed it, I published my first piece at The Advocate last week. When I was in high school, I used to sneak and read it at Barnes and Noble every time I visited my parents in Ohio. 835 more words


i had a little health scare

I just checked out the wordpress app on my phone, and it seems that the last post I did was in the beginning of August. I’ve had a few things going on since then, so let’s dig right in. 717 more words

i gots a cat

This kind of delay was inevitable. I have a handful of good excuses, but I’ll get to those. I’m a bad blogger.

So I’m a parent now. 984 more words

Just an Introduction.

Hello all, and welcome to my first post…

Where to start? I have no idea. Since I have never owned a blog or typed anything, other than a status message on Facebook or a tweet on Twitter. 564 more words