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Body Image

If you think body image doesn’t affect guys you are horribly wrong. Everyday we are bombarded with images of how we should look. Six pack abs, huge biceps, wide shoulders, a strong back, and chiseled legs. 510 more words

Motivational Posters

Don’t you love motivational posters. Or those so called inspirational quotes that help justify why you do something. My instagram feed is full of them. Single, gay guys trying to justify why they are single. 318 more words

Celibacy does not equal Joyless Loser

If I get sick, who will take me to the hospital?

If I loose my job, who will pay my heating bill in the winter? 929 more words


Its All About The Physical

As of late, I’ve learned that my biggest temptations deal with the body and anything that goes along with it. 1) Sex 2) Masturbation 3) Food. 337 more words


Midnight Cry

I’m a crier. Maybe it’s because I have very leaky tear ducts. I choose to believe that I have a fairly soft heart. My family loves to make fun of me…even crying at Hallmark and Folgers commercials can be a regular occurrence. 377 more words

Gay Christian

Visit to an Affirming Church

Been pretty busy lately, hiking and all, but I did finally decide to visit a church.  I figured it was time for me to visit an affirming church because at least at an affirming church I would not be subject to cheap shots from the pulpit aimed at drumming up support by slamming the LGBTQ people who certainly wouldn’t be willingly sitting at that church.   665 more words

Gay Christian Life Stories

Sto. Nino with erect penis held by gay community dearly

MANILA – An amulet bearing the image of Sto. Nino is an ordinary thing to see, especially in Quiapo. But would you wear one with the same image but with one very odd feature: an erect penis? 512 more words