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so let the sadness come again

I cannot explain the reason that the fog hits me, I cannot tell you the triggers that make it happen because they tend to change based on whatever, I wish I knew.   603 more words

disconnect the me in me...

I finally have a chance to sit down and write…I honestly have no clue where this one will go, but it’s needed so I will let it all out.   1,170 more words

Morris Park

There is a cute little neighborhood in the Bronx called Morris Park…

Morris Park is an old Italian neighborhood. There are families with kids playing in their yards and the streets.   199 more words


Top 10 Songs On The Kendallrock Stereo This Week:

1. Broken Hearts, Torn Up Letters & The Story Of A Lonely Girl – Lostprophets
2. Black Ghost – Gay Dad
3. Her Jazz – Huggy Bear… 34 more words

(Gordon) Bennet

I genuinely have no idea about this band, except that I assume they are British, based on the subject matter of the song and the lack of a foreign accent in the singer(s) voice(s).   211 more words

Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?

Quite well, in fact!  Our family put a lot of work into our vegetable garden.  Ben’s parents did most of the work, but they taught us a lot.   107 more words