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9 Gay Dating Ideas and Romance

Do you need some gay dating ideas?  In fact, many of the most romantic dates you can take your guy or girl out on won’t cost you a dime.  451 more words


Dating Young Guys-A Guide for Gay Older Men

Dating young gay men is a particular challenge for older gay men.  If you are dating guys who are under the age of 25 and you are 7 or more years older than he is, you need to read this article on dating young gay guys. 399 more words


Dating Advice For Gay Men

This article is about dating advice for gay men. Relationships can be challenging all by themselves and if you are part of a gay couple then your challenges extend to how society sees you as well. 493 more words


new gay date: The vanishing soul

If someone approaches you and says, perhaps with a gob full of French fries, that surprises are the worst thing that can ever happen to you, they’d be sorely wrong. 32 more words

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Have Faith In Me

“The fact that you were even open to him shows you how good of a person you are.”

The subject was the way this particular double edged sword fell in that conversation about some of my overtly optimistic faith in certain examples of mankind. 1,054 more words

224. ethos

A few days ago I was watching a video in Hank Green’s psychology Crash Course on attachment style theories, parenting styles, the development of self-concept, and Kolhberg’s Stages of Morality: 999 more words