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Short Stories 365/199

“Filling up the Void” by Richard E. Gropp from Wilde Stories 2012 (Lethe Press). Edited by Steve Berman.

There’s been a lot of discussion recently about people who are deeply uncomfortable in their bodies. 481 more words


Everything I Have Is Blue: Short Fiction by Working-Class Men About More-or-Less Gay Life, by Wendell Ricketts

Blue on blue

Story Blub: In this age of Will & Grace and gentrification, the “dream market” and gay investment advisors, you don’t hear much about working-class queers. 703 more words


Why I Write (Gay Fiction)

Why do I  write the type of stories I do?

I like to consider the books I write a cross between inspiration and reality. My books tend to be more sensible than the typical romantic tale. 582 more words

Gay Fiction

Short Stories 365/198

“The Cloud Dragon Ate Red Balloons” by Tom Cardamone from Wilde Stories 2012 (Lethe Press). Edited by Steve Berman.

I cannot imagine that anyone, having read this story, would think it is a simple confection about dragons, but there is evidence that they do. 270 more words


Short Stories 365/197

“A Razor in an Apple” by Kristopher Reisz from Wilde Stories 2012 (Lethe Press). Edited by Steve Berman.

Phillip has just left a chance encounter with his old roommate, J.D. 295 more words


The best part of waking up...is doing it later than 5 AM. Also, art.

For some reason, my body demanded I wake up at 5-something this morning, I suspect because of claims I made yesterday re: not getting up until the sun was shining. 218 more words


G - a Gay hero for our times

Let me introduce you to Fraser – former Bros lookalike from Stornoway who came to Edinburgh hoping the elegant Georgian streets would be paved with gold.  70 more words