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The Gay American Smoke Out

Tobacco use in the United States has declined in recent years, according to the CDC, in both adults and high school-age adolescents. Within the spectrum of the LGBTQ community, however, the use of cigarettes and other tobacco products remains prevalent, and incredibly damaging. 340 more words


On Alcoholism in the LGBTQ Community

Alcoholism within the LGBTQ community is an endemic problem.

Readily available, and easy to depend on to aid in feeling comfortable with the stresses of being “out”, alcohol abuse, according to The Pride Institute, 356 more words


Health Politics Get Personal: The Lesbian Community's Healthcare Practice

In the current gender-sensitive climate, the subject of women’s health is still on the periphery for most lesbians. With national attention consistently focusing on a woman’s right to choose in the instance of abortion, regular maintenance of the infinitely complex female body has become almost a non-issue. 362 more words


Sexual Agreements & Substance Abuse among Gay Couples

Researchers have been trying to understand how gay male couples’ relationships, including their sexual agreements, affect their risk of getting HIV.

According to studies, gay men and other men who have sex with men are disproportionately affected by HIV. 385 more words


Watching Sexually Risky Porn May Be a Health Risk

A new report warns about the dangers of watching Internet porn featuring risky sexual behavior among men who have sex with men, according to the report published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, … 260 more words

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