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I decline

Due to previous substance abuse issues, and discovering my true self, I keep myself on a tight schedule.  I go to bed early to rise during my most productive hours.   762 more words

Gay Issues

Out100: The 20th Anniversary covers of OUT MAGAZINE

Another exciting and fabulous news for the whole LGBT community around the globe. OUT Magazine, our favorite bible (Vogue came on top of the list, of course!) on gay issues, fashion and lifestyle revealed their covers for the 20th anniversary issue. 116 more words


Stop Drooling

My two most popular posts are Man loving Thug and Animal Soup. Not because they are overly deep or well written, but simply because they feature photos ripped from online to illustrate the point I wanted to make.   873 more words

Gay Issues

"How To Get Away With Murder"'s Gay Sex Scenes Are More Than Just For Shock Value

I am absolutely enamoured with CTV’s new show “How to Get Away with Murder”. I generally enjoy shows that feature characters who indulge in guilty pleasures, so this show was a given for me, but what really got me was the diversity of the cast and the representation this show provided. 462 more words


The Real Reason Gay's Don't Wanna Go to Church

We all know homophobic people being disguised as so called “christians” always like to pull out the bible when gay bashing. Now let me be clear this does not pertain to all christians because I love to praise the lord on Sunday too but one thing I know sweety is God is a loving god he makes no mistakes and I know that no where in the bible does it say to put us down for who we are. 427 more words


"Can you not be so Buddhist today?"

That title was once said to be by a friend.  I’m not calling out that specific friend because we did have a conversation about it but I am deciding to address my readers as well as the universe because I am still bothered by it.   766 more words

Gay Issues

Transformation of a Homosexual: What Change Looks Like

Ex-homosexual David Kyle Foster shares hope for those struggling with same-sex attractions.


In the recent documentary, Such Were Some of You, Dr. Neil T. Anderson was asked if change was possible for the homosexual who has given his or her life to Jesus Christ. 145 more words

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