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Washington, DC House Party - Part One

DC House Party – Part One

“So how do you know Hanon?” asks a bright-eyed twenty-something girl and her boyfriend as I take a seat beside them on the fireplace after introducing myself. 1,325 more words


Did Fred Phelps Protest Too Much?

When I heard Fred Phelps was dying and that he had been excommunicated from the church he founded, I immediately thought it was because his impending death made him see the error of his ways. 761 more words


how our differences really connect us

Dark Sea:

You say you love me unconditionally. But you can’t even accept me. And your religion wins and your daughter gets kicked to the curb, filling her with hurt. 884 more words

Homosexuality: The Questionable Case of Sodom


The very name suggests the vilest evil and causes us to shudder. The story of Sodom is found in Genesis chapter 18 and is the most well-known biblical passage associated with… 850 more words


If Clintons get a pass, why not Mozilla CEO?

Excellent post by Andrew Sullivan on the inconsistency of the Petty Queer Establishment , which remains among the most ardent Clinton supporters.

If it is unconscionable to support a company whose CEO once donated to the cause against marriage equality, why is it not unconscionable to support a candidate who opposed marriage equality as recently as 2008, and who was an integral part of an administration that embraced the Defense Of Marriage Act, signed into law by Bill Clinton? 34 more words

The Clintons