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Number Seven: The Second Coming (out)

The reason that I haven’t posted on here for just about a year is not because I have had nothing to say, rather I have not been connected to the internet in my flat for all this time. 1,308 more words



Looking out of my window, enjoying a beer and maybe a cheeky cigarette (don’t tell mum). I can’t help but think about the fact that I’m over 30, divorced and destined for a life filled with searching and learning as opposed to continuity and certainty. 405 more words

My World

Bryan Fischer Slams Burger King's 'Proud Whopper' As 'Nonsense' And 'A Bonehead Move'

The recent ‘ Proud Whopper ‘ has made headlines and was a hot topic at the recent San Francisco ‘ Gay Pride Parade 2014 ‘. Spreading the much needed message that regardless of your sexual orientation, we are all the same inside… I guess spreading such a beautifully true message with a simple burger is never easy in America. 326 more words


We Can't Stop

It has been 4 (four) months since my last post. Pardon me for not really keeping up. I was busy for the last months or should I say I tend to slouch so much due to my ample time but decides to procrastinate more. 526 more words


Busy Saturday...

So I had to help out some friends – that don’t have a car – to carry their stuff to this biker event. Was hot, dusty and the food was okay, I guess. 435 more words

Good News Fridays: Burger King's Proud Whopper

Need something inspiring for this Good News Fridays, I am going to talk about something quick on this July 4th.  Burger King released the Proud Whopper for one day at the San Francisco Gay Pride event.   134 more words

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