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Intolerant of truth. Blaming everyone but themselves and buggery.

End Scare Tactics On Gays
Published: Friday | February 15, 2013 2 Comments
Javed Jaghai, Guest Columnist

The most reliable weapon in the arsenal of anti-gay Christian activists such as Dr Wayne West and Shirley Richards is the argument that homosexuality must not be tolerated because gay men are disease vectors whose sex lives put all Jamaicans at risk. 1,252 more words

Australian fashion designer Jayson Brunsdon and partner Aaron Elias have son using Thai surrogate

What a heart warming story.


Australian fashion designer Jayson Brunsdon (right) and his partner Aaron Elias with their baby boy Roman, who was born to a Thai surrogate in Bangkok. 1,001 more words

It's All In The Head

Tom Cowan said:

“In order to journey to other realms, we must do more than get out of the body; we must get out of the head.”

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Gay Men

Not Quite Bedfellows: Separate Beds for Gay Male Couples in the Media

For the eight years of the show’s run, real-life couple and co-stars of I Love Lucy, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, never once shared a bed while the cameras were rolling. 653 more words


01-09-15 An Evening Out Stroking The Fish

will gay men always be strangers,

small towns and  pretty  dangers,

chicken houses full of awkward dreams,

slick with  steamed wit and witless schemes,

drinking tea with i-phones, droids, and sweaters, 28 more words

Are drag queens misogynistic?

To be honest, if any man tries to challenge my feminist views, he’s probably going to be met with loud hissing noises (only joking, I tend to burst into tears when I get angry). 760 more words

Today I will attend the launch of a new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Conversion Therapy.  This agreement is the first time all the major UK psy/therapy organisations have worked together on a collaborative project.

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