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Day 75 – Wednesday August 13, 2014

Prayer: I will let go of my self-imposed limitations and open my mind to new ideas.

I wake up to a nice change: rain. Now, talk to me in November and I’ll be humming and entirely different cantankerous tune, but after the sweltering heat wave we’ve had; I welcome the change in weather. 987 more words


Day 74 – Tuesday August 12, 2014

Prayer: Today I choose to help serve other people, not demand that they serve me.

Odie and I head into work like an old couple. He heads under my desk and proceeds to sleep for most of the day, only to briefly wake for the occasional belly rub from a fan walking by my office. 788 more words


Ahem! That Awkward Moment when Ebuka Obi-Uchendu asks Alex Ekubo about the time he was 'dating' Uti

I mean, we all know a thing or two about that thing we are not supposed to know…

But, Ebuka, do you know something we don’t already know… 127 more words

The Happenings

Day 73 – Monday August 11, 2014

Prayer: I admit that I have had enough. I am ready to work my First Step.

Again, I think that Chase my sponsor works for whoever is responsible for the daily prayer emails I get from NA. 1,443 more words


Day 72 – Sunday August 10, 2014

Prayer: I will strive to be an active listener. I will practice active listening when others share and when I share with others.

I wake up to the ringing of my cell phone. 1,004 more words


Day 71 – Saturday August 9, 2014

Prayer: I will make a commitment to include regular prayer and meditation in my new pattern of living.

I’m up and racing by 8:30. I’m in a really great mood this morning and as I’m getting ready to head off to Ted’s, the movers call saying they are on their way. 1,242 more words