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Day 21 - Friday June 20, 2014

Prayer: I will practice “listening” for knowledge of God’s will for me, even if I don’t know what to “listen” for yet. 

I wake up and start the new routine that I have commited myself to: read the daily reflection that is sent to my email called “Just for today”. 1,681 more words


Day 20 - Thursday June 19, 2014

Prayer: Grant me serenity to accept things I cannot change

I wake up feeling somewhere in between happy and flat: flappy. Hey, it’s an improvement in comparison to two weeks ago when I couldn’t even pick out a pair of socks without losing my grip. 1,628 more words


Day - 19 Wednesday June 18, 2014

I wake up to a text from Alex that basically tells me that he thinks I’m an ass for throwing him under the bus with my ex and that though it hurt him, that he’s still on my side and states that he’s deleted my ex because he’s a liar. 2,252 more words


A Sacred Vow to all People of The World from the People of Two Spirits

Recently, in the space of sacred ceremony, a sacred vow was created that will now become a part of the collective conciousness of this Earth. 699 more words

Sacred Truth

Day 18 - Tuesday June 17, 2014

Prayer: God grant me the serenity to accept the things that I cannot change

I wake up and automatically start repeating my prayer for the day. 1,637 more words


Day 17 - Monday June 16, 2014

Prayer: Can’t pray this morning, I’m too anxious.

I wake up at 4am in a panic and I cannot fall back asleep. I am obsessing over and over again about my ex (surprise surprise) and the information that I’ve been sitting on for the past 5 days. 1,697 more words


Day 16 - Sunday June 15, 2014

Prayer: I will pause and give myself a gap before reacting today. 

I wake up still buzzing from last night in a positive way, not in a crytal meth induced way with lubed up hands after jerking off for twelve hours to porn. 1,520 more words