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Thought from sick bed #1 - only famous people have their shit together, and they're frighteningly fucked up.

The cult of celebrity is mislabelled. It’s not a cult, it’s an illusion.

In the West, television runs 24 hours a day. Celebrity magazines adorn the shelves of virtually every retail space. 1,106 more words

I wanted to tear into @RoseMcGowan for homophobia, then I listened to what she ACTUALLY said and fell in love with her (as a gay male)

She is right that Hollywood is misogynist and that includes gay men in the business. She is right that gay organisations, pundits and public figures are not vocal enough about women’s rights. 951 more words

You sense big changes ahead, and you hope and pray they're for the better.

You sense big changes ahead, and you hope and pray they’re for the better.

Gay Thing Happens In Place With A Sign

There may have been a gay, possibly multiple copies of a gay, in a city, town, village, hamlet, or pub with a sign.

Does the existence of the sign imply that everyone in range of the sign is exactly the same? 16 more words


Look At These Gory Pictures of These Men Who Got Homophobed!!!

Yesterday two men got beaten up in Soho or Vauxhall or Canal Street or it doesn’t matter because LOOK! Look at this gory photo!

The two men were walking down the street and we think both men are gay? 47 more words


The Real Reason Gay's Don't Wanna Go to Church

We all know homophobic people being disguised as so called “christians” always like to pull out the bible when gay bashing. Now let me be clear this does not pertain to all christians because I love to praise the lord on Sunday too but one thing I know sweety is God is a loving god he makes no mistakes and I know that no where in the bible does it say to put us down for who we are. 427 more words


Famous Man Might Be Queer Because Of A Joke He Said

Today Famous Man made a joke in an interview, and that means he is definitely definitely queer.

Mr Man, who has always previously denied that he is anything but straight, today made a joke in an interview about his sexuality.  56 more words