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Catching the Gay?

A couple of days ago, I got into an argument on Facebook with a couple of my relatives. I had posted a link to an… 1,569 more words

Nepalese heartthrob publicly supports LGBT community

Nepal: Malvika Subba, an actress who works for HIV infected youth in Nepal, has now come out openly and declared her support and love for the LGBT community in the country. 358 more words



I have often heard it said that society is more lenient on the clients of sex workers than on those selling sex. The prostitute is “a dirty whore” “or a slapper” (these are words I have heard used to describe those engaged in prostitution, they are not mine and do not reflect my views of sex workers), while the man buying sex is “a bit of a lad”, “is sowing his wild oats” etc. 612 more words


This made me cry. I am so glad Honeymaid took people’s hateful comments and made something beautiful out of them. — YT


WATCH: Mike Huckabee says, 'I Don't Have a Problem with Gay People, but God Does'

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, speaking to religious conservatives in Iowa, said the United States “cannot expect the blessing of God” on its economy.


Reflection : Gay

I’m a girl, and I’m in love with a girl.

A lot of people would view this as wrong, or unholy, or something of the sort, but I don’t think it is. 107 more words

Disabled get it worse than gay people - The Independent 30 March 2014


Sunday 30 March 2014

As gay people celebrate, the treatment of the disabled just gets worse.
With more spending cuts looming, are we content to leave one minority locked out of society as second-class citizens?

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Hate Crime