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Apples CEO should have came out as gay 30 years ago!

Good job a think of Apples CEO Tim Cook to come out and talk about this. But if it havent been for the narrow-minded arab countries, Russia etc that still think that life only goes out on a misquoted book written on the middle ages or something he maybe could have came out and lived he’s life 30 years ago. 47 more words

Andreas Rörqvist

Why I'm Thankful for Homosexuality (#5 of 10 Things My Hero Jesus Wants To Say To Christians)

My entire life as a Bible-believing Evangelical Christian, I was taught that homosexuality was a sin. While Jesus never specifically mentioned it at all, the Apostle Paul did a LOT. 780 more words

10 Things My Hero Jesus Wants To Say To Christians

Gays discriminate against Islam for being gay says Muslim

No it is gays that discriminate against Islam for being gay. They should stop being gay and respect Islam.

This Youtube comment was in response to a comment of mine that…

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A former colleague, and I must add, a former friend, posed an interesting question that I happened upon the other day in a social media post: Are differing political views sufficient grounds for de-friending someone? 183 more words


Well, Well, Well—Gays are People!

Who knew?

The Catholic Church has decided that gay people and divorced people are welcome in their churches, acknowledging them, in essence, as people. This is an abrupt change from recent stances where they were only referred to as scum and abominations. 82 more words


The Deaf Can't Hear

I hear the word “disordered” all the time when talking about gay people and I really would like for people to stop using it as if gay people are the only ones walking around disordered. 811 more words