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A former colleague, and I must add, a former friend, posed an interesting question that I happened upon the other day in a social media post: Are differing political views sufficient grounds for de-friending someone? 183 more words


Well, Well, Well—Gays are People!

Who knew?

The Catholic Church has decided that gay people and divorced people are welcome in their churches, acknowledging them, in essence, as people. This is an abrupt change from recent stances where they were only referred to as scum and abominations. 82 more words


The Deaf Can't Hear

I hear the word “disordered” all the time when talking about gay people and I really would like for people to stop using it as if gay people are the only ones walking around disordered. 811 more words


Gay Friendship – 8 Ways to Be a Good Friend

Relationships are a great thing for any gay guy to have. Gay people are typically social creatures and while some may be more social than others, we all enjoy at least some company. 500 more words


Gay People, Weight Loss and Six-Pack Abs

Times have really changed. Before, straight guys are the only ones who would want to have a muscular body. So what they do, they go through rigorous training and exercise just to achieve six-pack abs. 598 more words