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Different, Not Broken

Continuing on the topic of Asexuality, I want to address the misconception that Asexuality isn’t a sexuality but rather a disease or disorder.

There hasn’t been much conclusive research done on asexuality and back in the day before any research was done it was shoved under the umbrella of Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (aka the Psychiatry Bible, which lets face it holds many things that have been debunked over time.) 629 more words

Government is Like a 5 Year Old

Something happened in real life that ended up being the perfect analogy to describe government. Specifically I thought of this as similar to how government has inserted itself into marriage, but it could apply to many scenarios in which government has barged in and messed things up. 637 more words


Why I'm Boycotting the Super Bowl

Yesterday, Chicago laid to rest “Mr. Cub” — Ernie Banks, the first African-American player for the Chicago Cubs who brought warmth and passion to the sport, both on the field and off. 1,001 more words

Adventures In Kate-Land

What one Christian mom wishes she knew then, that she knows now..

Sometimes gay people are subjected to what can only be viewed as spiritual and emotional torture. And when they ultimately cannot change who they are, they are often driven away, and wind up abandoning God, falsely believing that He rejected them.   2,221 more words


Sexual orientation: The myth

As of recently there are 101 plus ways to classify what makes you get turned on. That’s not important. What is important is how much effort other people display in giving a fuck about what goes on in your life. 186 more words

'Second Avenue Caper' Hits Where 'Dallas Buyers Club' Misses

This is not the review I want to be writing about Joyce Brabner’s ‘Second Avenue Caper’. I’d like to discuss it on its own terms. Reading it, the Dallas Buyers’ Club was the first thing that came to mind and I thought how incredibly obvious that was. 1,092 more words



Black people cry out

Don’t do this to me!

You need to treat me

With true equality.

Womankind cry out,

Look at us and see. 250 more words