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High School Senior Makes My Night

High School Senior Makes My Night. The story begins here:

I found that I was more than a bit nervous as I waited for my doorbell to ring. 1,300 more words

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Me and My Friend Doubling Up with DAD (Part 1)

I opened the front door to find Guy grinning at me broadly, his son Simon following right behind. I showed them through to the sitting room, where Jake introduced Simon, who he’d been to school with, to Marcus, his friend from university. 7,044 more words


In The Dressing Room

“Ok. I’m going into the subway, so I’m gonna lose you. Talk later?”

“Hold up. I wanted to ask…you got a suit for the rehearsal dinner, right?” 1,002 more words

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My Encounter With The Police In The Park.

I turned into the lane leading back to one of many picnic areas when I heard the short, whining blast of the siren. Okay, I was going too fast but the speed limit was twenty miles an hour, for chrissakes. 2,408 more words

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Teenage Gay Guys and Their Attractive Force to Older Men.

Many Men in the Gay Community Are Enthusiastic about Older Guys, Therefore What…

Old age has decreased significantly over the last millennium. A senior particular person accustomed to represent knowledge combined with sincere regard, but today it’s morphed into something terrifying. 652 more words

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Daddy Chasers: Here’s What’s Right Concerning Being A Daddy’s Young Man.

I’m the first to recognize; on occasion I don’t have an understanding of the multi-generational relationship contacting. Hell, I didn’t actually recognize once my mummy used to screech, “Stop that garbage or I’ll communicate with your Good old father!” Gosh mom, communicate with parent everything you desire, it’s absolutely no outer layer off my hairy butt! 963 more words

Gay Fantasy Mini Story