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10 Things That Lesbians Hate To Hear

Written by Marissa Higgins, originally published on thoughtcatalog.com

1. “Are you really a lesbian? You don’t look like one.”

Interesting question, but one rooted in a lot of confusion. 996 more words

About Us

Not Half Homophobia

For a while, we talked about something we called half-homophobia. Then we realised that was a rubbish name for it, because it implied there was some kind of more acceptable, sub-homophobic degree of anti-gayness. 2,544 more words


Do you really need a six-pack to make an impact?

The year is 2001.

I am in a bar, talking to a gay man. I used to do that. He might be trying to pick me up; I can’t tell. 1,319 more words

Single Survival

The Problem with Pride

Let me start by clarifying that I am not saying that Gay Pride is a negative thing by any means. Indeed, in its conception, it is an occasion to celebrate sexuality and gender diversity, acknowledging and celebrating not just individuals that are LGBT, but rather society as a whole and acceptance of LGBT individuals. 614 more words


In Defense of Barbra Streisand, Michael Urie, and "Buyer & Cellar," a One-Man Play by Jonathan Tolins

Dear Paul,
I have read your July 31, 2014 blog post, “In the Cellar,” which appears immediately below this rebuttal. Your review of Jonathan Tolins’ one-man play “Buyer & Cellar” is extremely well-written, erudite, funny in a self-deprecating way, utterly engaging and insightful, and I completely disagree with your premise and conclusions. 1,314 more words