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In Defense of the Word Police

What do you think of when you see these words?




Now, think of those words being used to describe something, or someone. 632 more words

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Twin Roundup Tuesday! Epigenetics, pranks, and abductions, oh my!

It’s time to get our science on with this week’s Twin Roundup!

Ever wonder why identical twins tend to look less alike as they age? Epigenetics is the answer! 160 more words

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Because when the news is like this, we need a little break.

Wow. The world news seems to be on a cycle of awfulness–from the plane being blown out of the sky, the Middle East conflict, Ebola spreading in Africa. 131 more words

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Tuesday Twin Roundup--totes adorbs!

Twin time, and there are some really interesting things going on right now in the World of Twins. The oldest conjoined twins, miracle twins, and hockey playing twins! 182 more words

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Indiana, Oh Indiana!

Well, THAT happened!

I’m a few days late to the party wagon on this one, but let’s all get our favorite dish for the pitch-in and celebrate the gays! 388 more words

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Twin Roundup! And Dolly Parton

Twins for the wins! Let’s see what’s been happening in the world of twins, shall we?

Tegan and Sara–not always easy growing up gay. Check out their story, … 190 more words

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