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Let's Go To Church: Stunned into Silence

Happy Sunday, y’all!

Here in the mid-Atlantic, the school year is in full swing and the weather has taken a very sharp turn into autumnal territory. 424 more words

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Happy Family-versary!

Six years!

So much has happened in that time–home renovations, moving, parenting a middle schooler!

Six years ago, we got married, and ‘officially’ became a family. 384 more words

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This Guy and Chattanooga, Tennessee: One In The Same?

So this guy exists. Let’s take a minute to watch this charming local gentleman shall we?

Here’s my first reaction:

My next thought was, “what southern city are you in!?” 379 more words

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In Defense of the Word Police

What do you think of when you see these words?




Now, think of those words being used to describe something, or someone. 632 more words

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Twin Roundup Tuesday! Epigenetics, pranks, and abductions, oh my!

It’s time to get our science on with this week’s Twin Roundup!

Ever wonder why identical twins tend to look less alike as they age? Epigenetics is the answer! 160 more words

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