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I was checking out the internet, of course, and came across a fascinating article and photo collection. It’s one of those really cool human interest stories, but from the 1950s and ’60s.   355 more words

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Twin Roundup! Men dating men that look like their twin!

Um. how about a website that has the tagline, “Because what’s sexier than dating yourself?” Check it out at BoyfriendTwin!

This family of twins born with cerebral palsy is overwhelmed at the support they’ve gotten. 123 more words

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Sexy or Creepy? New Tumblr: Boyfriend Twin 'Because What's Sexier Than Dating Yourself?'

I personally think it’s creepy.  I wouldn’t want to date myself.  I’m just not that in love with myself.  However, There’s long been a running joke about how gay men often date themselves. 29 more words

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Wow…That Whole Mozilla Thing.

So, did you hear? Mozilla hired a guy to be CEO. It came up that he had donated to the anti-gay Prop 8 campaign in California as well as to anti-gay politicians. 519 more words

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Misty Water Colored Mondays: Summer Job Edition

Back in the day, and by ‘back in the day’ I mean about 18 years ago, we had a summer job at a food warehouse in South Bend, Indiana. 572 more words

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Drag Queen Says What?

You know that one game.

You know it.

From your childhood.

That one where you mumble something and then add, “say what?” at the end. The result being that your friend has then identified himself/herself as whatever your mumble-mouthed object was? 420 more words

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Twin Roundup: Cool Twin Facts Edition and Beautiful Twins!

Alright, folks! Slim pickings today for the Twin Roundup–sorry about that. So you’ll get fun facts and a handsome twin gallery to make up for it! 73 more words

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