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In a Constant State of Undress.

I wake up naked

Wearing only him scent

Him put him clouds in my coffee.

Black. No sugar.

Him is plenty sweet for me.

But. I am not a caffeine drinker… 260 more words


Let us live. Let us love.

I do not understand the motivation behind homophobia but I do understand that this ‘fear’ is a by-product of teachers, preachers and parents abusing their positions of power and influence to perpetuate the abuse of innocent civilians. 420 more words


My Father: The Hero. The Visionary. My Gateway to Heaven

     I stumbled upon a story about a Southern Baptist Pastor who changed his views on homosexuality.  The title said that he changed his views on homosexuality, because his son came out, but when you read the article this wasn’t the case.   883 more words



i told him

i am not

some stanza

and this

will not end

with us

as a

rhyming couplet

we will

never be


just because

we rhyme


Naked In Bed.

Overburden. One last time.

Heavy eyes for the third son rise like light black sunrise does in the morning of my nighttime dreams with their here-nor-there-themes; in trapped thoughts and all that black talk middle-children like I-and-I so often caught like a chest cold that had to be untaught by a long list of nigger lovers after spending decades getting headfucked by those untitled black brothers (who shall remain nameless) and their blame (which shall remain blameless). 411 more words