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The Gayness

What do I write about today?

I don’t really have a subject or an idea to speak of…

I know!!!

Let’s talk about gay people! 1,141 more words

Story Time

Colin Dunlap: Tony Dungy Way Off Base

Tony Dungy has the freedom to say what he wants.

And I have the freedom to think he’s a jerk for it.

That’s part of what makes this country great. 477 more words


I’ve inadvertently dismembered, disfigured, deboned, decapitated, debilitated, damaged, deadened, darkened, disapproved of, dismissed, decolorized, detracted from, debated and/or dangerously destroyed dozens of deep-fried dreams. I also have a flair for the melodramatic. 21 more words


Hablemos del futuro de Vivaracho.

¡Martes de Vivaracho!

Y ha estado terrible porque por aquí ha pasado de todo, normalmente pasa de todo, pero a veces todo pasa tan rápido que apenas si me da tiempo de reaccionar y adaptarme a los cambios. 917 more words


BGD (Big Gay Dance)

I went out on Saturday night until 4 in the morning WITHOUT drinking. It seems you can go to the gay club with your bestie and have a big gay dance without excessive amounts of vodka redbull. 60 more words


Now you see it, and now...


New titles released! New volumes in the “Doc and Raider” collection: RELENTLESSLY CANADIAN, SOMEWHAT CANADIAN, and WILDLY CANADIAN, as well as NO ONE EVER SAID THEY WERE ESPECIALLY BRIGHT (something no theatre queen’s library should be without!)… all perfect for summer readind! 36 more words

Texting Better

How long has text messaging existed now? A while; a long while. Considering that almost every one sends text messages daily you’d think that individuals would have learned, by now, to ensure they are sending a message to the very person they intended. 565 more words

Dating 101