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Coming Out - Commentary

“Coming out” is a phrase that is commonly understood to represent the action of a GSM (Gender & Sexual Minorities) individual unveiling their identity to those around them – Their friends, their families, and their communities. 755 more words

Coming Out

Is Elton John Correct? Is Pope Francis a 'Hero' for LGBT People?

This week, Pope Francis received exuberant praise from openly gay British rock star, Elton John.  At an annual HIV/AIDS fundraiser, John called the pope his “hero.   473 more words


Day 47

Alcoholism strong armed me this morning.

I almost called out of work. I just couldn’t “get ready” for this day even though I had been up for hours. 314 more words


Tim Cook's memo is not what will play on the minds of gay Indians this week

It’s a tale of two companies and of two worlds disjointed in their treatment of sexual minorities. This week, Tim Cook of Apple finally confirmed what had long been known in technology circles. 771 more words

Why We Should All Have a Problem With “That’s So Gay”

Today, as I was walking back home from the gym, I caught a snippet of a conversation between two high school kids where one said “yeah, that’s so gay”. 196 more words

☆ An Ancient Uranian Hopi Prophesy ☆

“When asses fall tight and the cocks are all dying, there shall come a New Tribe of Men to Uranus of many colors, creeds, and classes, that by their actions and deeds, shall make Uranus blue again – They shall bring with them Viagra, and they shall be known as the Warriors of the Rainbow!” ~Ancient Uranian Hopi Prophesy