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Laura Miller--"A Study in Sherlock: How the detective escaped his creator" (Harper's, May 2014)

SOUNDTRACK: “Elementary, My Dear” (1973).

You have to have a particularly cruel heart if you don’t love School House Rock.

All of the songs, well, most of the songs, are super catchy and by golly if you don’t learn a lot. 886 more words


The Desperately InLove Housewife

She kissed my still sleeping face good bye as she leaves to take on the day.

She’s off to bring home the bread, I guess I should rise and make it. 303 more words


'RuPaul's Drag Race' to drop controversial segment

Over the past five years, RuPaul’s Drag Race has turned out a few phrases, including telling contestants, “Don’t f— it up” when it comes time to “lip-synch for… your… life.” But, after a public outcry, the show is dropping one of its signature gimmicks. 396 more words


Secrets of the Other Side by Eric Gober

Secrets of the Other Side
Eric Gober
Regal Crest (2013)
ISBN 9781619291003
Reviewed by Jennifer Hass for Reader Views (5/13)

Article first published as Book Review:  534 more words


Going Places!

I just published my first article EVER! I am so excited to see that slowly but surely my life is shaping up to be exactly what I dreamed for myself. 50 more words


'Orphan Black': 'By no means are we saying that Cosima chooses to be gay' says Tatiana Maslany

One of the surprise breakout hits of 2013, BBC America’s Orphan Black developed a small but passionate fan base of viewers who followed the show about a group of female clones caught up in a war between their evolutionary-obsessed creators who have been monitoring their every move, and the people who consider them an abomination against God and want them dead. 775 more words


Deeper Observation of Sexuality and its influence on society

During class we were assigned a project, to complete as a group which involved analyzing a certain topic within multiple scenarios within society. My group was assigned sexuality, and we explored how sexuality effects society in many cases such as sexuality in music and sexuality in school and within the work place. 437 more words