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Review Buku Re: Pelacur Lesbian

  Sekitar pukul 17.45 WIB sore tadi, aku menyelesaikan membaca buku Re: yang kubeli 15 Juli yang lalu di Gandaria City.  Aku menutup buku bercover bulatan biru dengan dasar hitam itu, dan membiarkannya tergeletak di atas pangkuanku.   791 more words



She is the source of the air I breathe, the sun that lights my days.
She is the moonlight that lulls me to sleep each night. 65 more words


If You Could Be Mine by Sara Farizan

It boggles my mind that a country could accept (and even pay for) sex change operations yet consider homosexuality a sin. Apparently there is nothing in the Bible that says a person can’t change the gender of his/her physical body, but there is something that says having sexual relations with a person of the same sex is a mortal sin. 306 more words


Pious Playwrights

Do you see why Christianity is called “good news”? Christianity proclaims that it is an equal-opportunity faith, open to all, in spite of the abundance of playwrights in the church who are more than anxious to announce, “There is no place for you in Christianity if you: wear an earring/ have a tattoo/ drink wine/ have too many questions/ look weird/ smoke/ dance/ haven’t been filled with the Spirit/ aren’t baptized/ swear/ have pink hair/ are in the wrong ethnic group/ have a nose ring/ have had an abortion/ are gay or lesbian/ are too conservative or too liberal.                                   

310 more words

Ross Campbell--Water Baby (2008) [Minx #8]

SOUNDTRACK: TRACY SILVERMAN-Tiny Desk Concert #366 (June 28, 2014).

Tracy Silverman is an electronic violinist. In addition to playing the violin, he uses loops to build his sound (I love how many people are using loops these days).  849 more words


Norman...Is That You? (1976)

By Richard Winters

My Rating: 4 out of 10

4-Word Review: Gay son comes out.

Ben (Redd Foxx) travels to L.A. to visit his son Norman (Michael Warren) after his wife Beatrice (Pearl Bailey) leaves him for his brother. 445 more words


I Do!

We planned everything just right. We both agreed that this was a commitment between the two of us and this most important ceremony would be about our promise to one another and not about being a spectacle for others to bear witness to. 990 more words