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Gayoon (4Minute) - 12:30 (B2ST Cover)

Have you heard Gayoon’s cover of 12:30? Apparently there’s a bit of a divide over this cover since the song was a gift for the fans. 41 more words


Cube Entertainment Releases NEW Version of 12:30

On November 23rd, Cube Entertainment dropped the teaser and tweeted,”12:30 Another Version (Teaser) #Teaser #guesswho,” prompting fans to take a guess as to who would be doing a cover of the song. 68 more words

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4Minute (포미닛): Whatever

시작됐어 My turn, I’ll make you burn
sijakdwaesseo My turn, I’ll make you burn
It has started, my turn, I’ll make you burn

Emergency, move your body (You got my attention) 655 more words


[141109] Poster : The Lady Killer

Update Poster: The Lady Killer

feat. Heo GayoonIm YoonaJeon HyosungKrystal JungLee HwaraPark Chorong

There’s no need for any words right now… 57 more words


4Minute (포미닛): What's Your Name? (이름이 뭐예요?)

4Minute, what’s your name? What’s-what’s your name?

4Minute, what’s your name? What’s- what’s your name?

(랄랄랄랄랄라) 이름이 뭐예요? 뭐 뭐예요?
(rallallallallalla) ireumi mwoyeyo? mwo mwoyeyo? 843 more words


4Minute (포미닛): What's My Name?

 Yeah, 4Minute, what’s my name?

Attention please 모두 나를 Follow
Attention please modu nareul Follow
Attention please, everyone follow

 어쩜 그리 매일 매일 식상하니 Bang Bang… 224 more words


4Minute (포미닛): Over And Over [R.Tee Mix]

머리가 깨질듯이 아픈데 궂이 다시
meoriga kkaejildeusi apeunde guji dasi
My head hurts like it’s about to crack open

너를 꺼내어서 생각해 애써
neoreul kkeonaeeoseo saenggakhae aesseo… 537 more words

4Minute (포미닛)