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Bill Blum: Cutting Through the Hysteria Over Court’s Gaza War Probe

Behind all the bellicose rhetoric spewing from both sides there is a very disturbing reality: The International Criminal Court is a fledgling and fragile institution. Its mission is to do justice in a world governed by craven political interests and the exercise of raw power. 1,905 more words


Israel-Egypt cooperation surpasses expectation

MEMO | January 28, 2015

Cooperation between the Israeli and Egyptian military and intelligence apparatuses exceeds all expectations, Israel’s Channel 10 stressed on Monday, noting that Cairo agrees with Tel Aviv’s requests pertaining to confronting “radical” Islamic movements in Sinai and the Gaza Strip.

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Norman Finkelstein, a high-profile critic of Israeli policy, urged action on “massacres” in Gaza during public lecture at SMU

Originally published in UNews. Halifax, N.S. 465 more words


Breaking the Cycle of Violence in Gaza

To visit Gaza is to be reminded that war, whatever its justification, is a deadly and destructive affair. With 3 wars in 5 years it is impossible to distinguish between the damage caused by each. 483 more words

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Over 370,000 Children Suffering From PTSD After Last Year's Israeli War On Gaza

By Robert Tait

 Sayed Bakr lived through a deadly missile bombardment in the darkest days of the war in Gaza.

But posing underneath a portrait of his closest brother, Mohammed, who he lost in that attack, proved too much. 1,220 more words


B’Tselem: PM culpable for #GazaWar Palestinian civilian deaths; NGO Monitor demurs - #Israel - Jerusalem Post

A B’Tselem report to be published early Wednesday blasts the country’s civilian leadership, and specifically Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his cabinet, as culpable for hundreds of Palestinian civilians being killed in their residences during last summer’s Gaza war. 809 more words


Charlie Hebdo, diffusé à 7 millions d’exemplaires, arborait en couverture le dessin d’un musulman

Le dernier numéro de Charlie Hebdo, diffusé à 7 millions d’exemplaires, arborait en couverture le dessin d’un musulman, probablement le prophète Mohammed, la larme à l’œil, tenant une pancarte « Je suis Charlie » et accompagné de l’inscription « Tout est pardonné ». 32 more words

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