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Turtles Count It Off

I wont be reviewing the TMNT movie any time soon. The 2003 Television series on the other hand I will.

When I saw the Trailers for Mr Bay’s Turtle film I did get a little excited but inevitably as the reviews came in my desire to see the film decreased. 510 more words

Rory's Wii U Game of August

My Wii U Game of the Month for August is a Virtual Console title. It is the game that introduced me to one of my all-time favourite franchises, as well as the strategy RPG genre. 561 more words


Golden Sun: The Lost Age Review

Taking a look into the sequel to Golden Sun after being released onto the Wii U virtual console a few weeks ago… this is easily a 2 part story so you should play both!


August 16, 2014 Pickup

Got a few things this weekend, nothing special, but I haven’t been out in awhile so here goes.

Another batch of Atari manuals. Will be great if I ever get back to my Atari Fridays. 117 more words


Review: Final Fantasy VI Advance

Remember in February when I posted my first impressions on Bravely Default and said I’d never played a JRPG before? Well Bravely Default sold me on the genre and several weeks back I went to a used game store and got Final Fantasy VI Advance for $50, which was a pretty steep price but better than any online solution I could find. 746 more words


Iggy's World: Metroid Fusion

Oh 2002, the last year I played video games until I came running back in 2011. One of the last games I remembered dedicating hours and hours of my time towards Metroid Fusion, a 10 year sequel to the acclaimed Super Metroid. 790 more words


GBA Golf Tournament - Aug 16

Hello GBA Members and Friends,

The annual GBA Golf Tournament is this Saturday! The 16th of August!

We still have 9 flower baskets available for sponsorship for $30 each. 151 more words