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SwoM Power Leveling

An easy way to raise Weapon and Magic levels is to use them on monsters that are completely immune to them i.e. the sword on a Lime Slime which has X resistance to Slash. 54 more words


Produce Tables

  • A tuple is an ordered list of elements.
  • The tuple for a weapons is (Power, Dodge, Hit, Element).
  • The tuple for a armor is (Slash, Bash, Jab, Element).
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Item Drop Tables

  • Items that can be easily bought do not list monster drops.
  • Asterisks denote Rare Monsters.
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Retro Game Friday: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

This week I’m covering a game I spent hundreds of hours playing back in the day. It’s Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.

Plot Synopsis: Ivalice is a world created by four ordinary children: Marche Radiuju, a new student and resident of St. 278 more words

Retro Game Friday

NPC Care

NPC are the bane of many Mana players. “They always die. They don’t do anything. Why are they stuck in the corner?!” The reason is that you, the player, don’t take care of them. 601 more words


SwoM Weapon Tables

  • DPH = Damage Per Hit = Pow + Ele^2 / 100
  • Power increases Pow .
  • Intelligence increases Ele .
  • A weapon must have a non-zero Ele value to deal their Ele type damage.
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Niccolo Guide

Niccolo is a greedy, lying, cheating salesman along the lines of Tom Nook. Smiles are free, but so is a kick in the pants. He can be found randomly at different locations including dungeons… 324 more words