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Vanity thought #1245. Realm of the divinity

Continuing on the Harmonist article (p32) from last week – if we can’t see the divinity, how do we overcome this deficiency?

The solution follows from examining the taṭasthā nature of the jiva – we are bound to be overwhelmed by Lord’s energies. 1,245 more words


Gaming Post 14: Pokémon Yellow Version

Excellent! The random number generator has decided that I should write about one of the most important games from my childhood.

I would consider Pokémon Yellow to be my first video game. 773 more words


Coloring Gameboy - Super

In retrospect it was fortunate that I had both a Super Gameboy (SGB) and games to go well with it; namely FFL1, FFL2, and FFA. FFA was the second game I beat on my own and it has a very special place in my memories. 1,235 more words


Vanity thought #1235. Implications

So yesterday I tried to show how success and even the very existence of our GBC is owed to Kali Yuga progressing faster and in a different way in the West. 1,451 more words


Hoyle Casino: Gambling on the go.

For a long while, I was fascinated by casino video games. Maybe since I was too young to actually play at a casino that I wanted to simulate the casino experience without losing loads of money in the process. 911 more words


Interview: Graciela Guerrero

Interview with Graciela Guerrero, a supervisor at Golden Bear Cafe (GBC) on the UC Berkeley Campus. She has been an employee of various campus restaurants for 9 years. 992 more words


Day 11 One Year

Dear God’s Best Choice,

How is it going? Are you doing well? I hope you are because I certainly am well and good. All thanks be to God and His grace. 320 more words