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20/11/2014 - Mixed Markets - Market Wrap Up

EUR/USD currently at 1.2593, GBP/USD at 1.5686 while AUD/USD continued to fall and currently at 0.8617.

Market Wrap Up

18/11/2014 - Mixed Markets - Market Wrap Up

EUR/USD slightly higher to current of 1.2509, GBP/USD reasonably choppy conditions and currently at 1.5698 and AUD/USD also choppy conditions, currently trading at 0.8709.

Market Wrap Up

17/11/2014 - USD Strengthens Mildly - Market Wrap Up

EUR/USD slightly lower at 1.2498, GBP/USD lower at 1.5646, AUD/USD slightly lower at 0.873.

Market Wrap Up

14/11/2014 - USD Weakens - Market Wrap Up

AUD/USD rose and closed for the week higher at 0.8744. GBP/USD closed higher for the week at 1.5663 while EUR/USD closed higher at 1.2520.

Market Wrap Up

UK Debates Money Creation £ !!

For the first time in 170 years, the British Parliament is going to debate how money is created.

The debate will be broadcast live on Thursday, November 20th starting between 12.30 & 1.00PM GMT, or 07.30 EST on the Parliament TV Channel;   41 more words

The Line of Least Resistance

We stand on the shoulders of giants.

I’m not guilty about using their work and ideas.

Firstly, obviously, I’m going to quote them. Then, I plan to achieve something new, whilst standing on their shoulders. 341 more words


Time for Global adoption of a CrptoCurrency ?

So What is a Crypro Currency ?

According to Wikipedia –

A cryptocurrency (or crypto currency) is a medium of exchange using cryptography to secure the transactions and to control the creation of new units. 954 more words